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Top 5 Hand Tools for Every Homeowner

by Paul Sanders

Hand tools hanging on a workbench

Having a place that you can call your own is the starting point of making a home. And over time, you'll run into regular repairs and projects that require basic tools. There are a few hand tools that every homeowner should have on hand to hang a picture, fix a doorknob and complete other small jobs that pop up. With just a few hand tools, you'll be ready for just about anything. Here are the top five hand tools that you may want to include in your tool set.

Homeowner Hand Tools:

  1. Claw hammer: Also known as the "great persuader," a claw hammer is an obvious requirement for any basic toolset. Hammers are the iconic hand tool for any handyperson. A small hammer will do for hanging a picture, but you may require a longer, roofing hammer if you'll be doing large-scale projects. Roofing hammers produce more force and pound nails in with fewer swings.

  2. Screwdrivers: Having both a Phillips head and flathead screwdriver on hand will prepare you for most home repair jobs. A screwdriver is a hand tool that you can use to take apart, and reassemble, just about anything. You might even want your hand tools to include a screwdriver set with several interchangeable screwdriver heads, so you'll never meet a screw you can't match.

  3. Utility knife: A utility knife is a multipurpose cutting tool. Whether you're cutting through drywall, cutting up trimmer line or just slicing open a cardboard box, you may want to have a couple of these hand tools on hand.

  4. Pliers and wire cutters: Pliers come in a huge variety. And wire cutters are invaluable. There are a lot of oddly shaped nuts, bolts and other fixtures that you'll need to twist and pry. Your hand tools collection would benefit from having some channel locks and needle-nose pliers. And wire cutters are another hand tool that let you cut through everything from electrical wire to coat hangers.

  5. Wrenches: Wrenches and wrench sets could hardly be left out of any tool set. You might want to have at least one adjustable wrench and maybe a socket wrench set to round out your hand tools collection. Socket wrenches are particularly valuable for tweaking hard-to-reach nuts and bolts without repositioning the wrench with each turn.

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