Top 5 Gifts for the Avid Scrapbooker

Top 5 Gifts for the Avid Scrapbooker

Top 5 Gifts for the Avid Scrapbooker
If you know someone who loves to scrapbook, then indulge their hobby when you are searching for gift ideas. Help them make their memories last a lifetime by giving them scrapbooking supplies as gifts. Whether your friend is just learning to scrapbook or has been artfully embellishing photos and mementos for decades, scrapbooking supplies are always appreciated because they run out quickly and can be expensive. Let us help you pick the perfect scrapbooking gifts for your loved ones.
Top 5 Gifts for the Avid Scrapbooker

Top 5 Scrapbook Gifts:


Die Cut Machine

If you want to go big and get a gift that will really impress, then you might consider giving a die cut machine. Die cut machines put an end to the monotonous hand-tracing and hand-cutting of paper shapes because they cut paper into an endless variety of designs, many with only the push of a button. With the many styles and designs to choose from, a die cut machine is a scrapbooker’s dream and is one of the best gift ideas for anyone who loves crafting.


Cardstock and Paper Sets

Paper of all kinds is a staple for scrapbooking. Not only do cardstock and paper serve as the backdrop for photos and other items, but they are also essential for adding professional embellishments and frames to the pages. Many different paper sets are available with a variety of themes and accessories. Most sets will include coordinating paper and embellishments to make a complete page with plenty of style.


Scrapbook Supplies Bag or Organizer

With all of the accessories and tools used for scrapbooking, an organization system is a must. Craft bags and organizers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, so if you know someone who loves to scrapbook but has trouble keeping all of their supplies organized, a scrapbooking tote or container will be a very welcome gift.


Scrapbook Albums

Albums are a necessity when storing life’s memories. Small photo albums are great for young or beginning scrapbookers, while larger books are fun for seasoned crafters. Scrapbook albums are available in a wide range of styles; you can spend a lot of money on one that is leather bound or get a great deal on a set of simpler books. You might consider gifting scrapbook albums with other supplies for a great gift that is perfect for any occasion.


Accessories and Embellishments

A broad spectrum of accessories is used to accentuate and bring personality to memory pages. These items make fabulous gifts and can stand on their own or be a part of a beautiful scrapbooker’s gift basket:

  • Scissors are necessary tools for any scrapbooker. Scrapbooking scissors come in a myriad of designs that will cut lacy, embellished edges on paper and photos.
  • Quality adhesives are must-haves for scrapbooking. Items such as spray adhesives, handy tape applicators and glue gliders all make scrapbooking easier and lend professional results to a project.
  • Nice scrapbooking pens are essential for adding notes to a scrapbook page. Journaling just a few words on a page will bring back memories and feelings of the moment in a picture. Scrapbooking pens come in many styles, from glitter pens that add a touch of sparkle to fine tip pens that offer clean lines.
  • Paper trimmers are ideal for cropping a picture or page. A nice paper trimmer will assist with line cutting so your friend can avoid crooked pages.
  • Embellishments are available in many varieties. Items such as themed stickers, colored ribbon, paper flowers and beads are a cheery way to add character and depth to a page and are great for gifts. Don’t forget embellishment tools.