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Top 5 Gemstones to Accent a Diamond Ring


A stunning gemstone and diamond cocktail ring

A diamond ring is classic, but that doesn't mean it has to be conventional. Many contemporary diamond rings incorporate colorful gemstones to create eye-catching patterns and flashy designs. Different gemstones bring an exotic flair to the world of diamond rings, but a few select gems are best for accenting this type of jewelry. Consider these gemstone rings that incorporate diamonds and unique gems if you are looking for a piece of exciting new gemstone jewelry.

Gemstones for Diamond Rings:

  1. Citrine: Yellow diamonds are luxurious, but rings containing yellow diamonds are often quite expensive. Citrine is a yellow gemstone that brings the brilliance of a winter fire to any ring. Look at diamond jewelry that showcases big citrine stones if you love the beauty of yellow stones next to white diamonds.

  2. Sapphires: The sapphire is one of the four precious gemstones, along with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Sapphires have adorned diamond jewelry for centuries. Many famous rings, crowns and scepters owned by royal families are covered in diamonds and sapphires. Blue sapphires are common in gemstone jewelry and offer rich hues in many shades. Pink sapphires are also popular in diamond rings. Orange sapphires offer a unique choice.

  3. Opals: Opals are extremely mysterious; they sport a rainbow of colors, depending on the light. Opals look stunning next to diamonds in rings. Opals are elegant enough to be the centerpiece of a luxurious engagement ring, and they work well in diamond rings that feature multiple stones in intricate patterns. Look for diamond rings with opals, moonstones and pearls.

  4. Marcasite: Marcasite can be yellow, brown or black, and it looks stunning in diamond rings. Marcasite was used heavily during the 1920s in Art Deco jewelry, giving each piece of marcasite jewelry a retro appeal. Marcasite is also affordable, so you can own many different marcasite and diamond rings in your jewelry collection.

  5. Chalcedony: Chalcedony isn't a well-known gemstone, but it is absolutely enchanting. Green and blue chalcedony gems look like brightly colored Easter eggs. This stone is often set into cocktail rings with diamond accents. These diamond rings look like they cost an absolute fortune, but they are very affordable and will last a lifetime.

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