Top 5 Fun Gift Ideas for Dad


Dads are notoriously difficult to buy presents for, but that doesn't mean you should give up trying to find the perfect gift for yours. Whether it's his birthday, Father's Day, or some other day where he deserves a little recognition, you can find gifts for your dad that he'll surely appreciate. Just remember to consider his personality and interests while you're shopping.

5 Gifts for Fathers:

  1. A kid at heart: Dad was a kid at one time and undoubtedly once played with toys. Bring back fond memories by giving him a toy or game from the years of his youth. If you're not sure what he would be nostalgic for, start by researching what toys and games were popular when your Dad was 10 years old, and then try to find a similar item. A number of manufacturers offer new, updated versions of favorite old toys and games. You can even find old arcade games that he may have loved in high school or college. Dad will certainly love the memory, and he may just spend some time rediscovering a bit of his youth.

  2. A toast to Dad: Many dads appreciate a quality cocktail at the end of the day, so give him the tools he needs to mix with the best of them. Glassware and barware make excellent gifts, especially if you give him something that is meant just for his favorite drink. For example, if he is a whiskey drinker, you could get him a set of whiskey stones. If he prefers wine, he may need a decanter or a nice corkscrew tool. A bartending guide or a coffee table book about the history of his favorite drink would also be a nice gift.

  3. Man of the house: If your dad loves nothing more than spending time at home with you and your family, look for gifts that will help him make the most of it. Barbecue tools are perfect if he is the household grill master. If he's Mr. Fix-It, find a tool that he needs or upgrade one of his that has seen better days. If he's the guy who wakes up to make Saturday morning pancakes for everyone, make it easy for him with a griddle pan. If the yard is his pride and joy, give him gardening supplies.

  4. Gadget guy: The wired dad loves to have the latest electronics, whether it's a better smartphone, a faster tablet, or a bigger television. He might love to get the newest version of his favorite device, or he may need accessories: A leather cover for his tablet or a wireless keyboard for his laptop would help him get the most of the electronics he uses the most.

  5. Most valuable player: If your dad likes to unwind by playing his favorite sport, make sure he has the best sports gear to do it with. You can upgrade his current gear, or you can supplement what he has with something special. If he already has a great set of golf clubs, get him a high-tech putter. If he's an outdoorsman, get him a new camping chair with a cup holder or a set of fishing flies.

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Updated March 6, 2015