Top 5 Fish for Salt Water Aquariums


You can beautify saltwater aquariums with gravel, plants, and other landscaping, but nothing makes an aquarium more beautiful than the fish in it. One of the things that make salt water aquariums so popular is the variety of tropical fish you can keep. Exotic fish are typically very sensitive to their environment, but this does not mean you can't enjoy tropical fish in your home aquarium. It's important to find the right type of fish for your aquarium and to know how to care for them, including what fish supplies to purchase.

Best Salt Water Aquarium Fish:

  1. Surgeonfish: Large, colorful, and relatively easy to care for, surgeonfish are one of the most popular saltwater fish. While there are over 80 species of surgeonfish, they are typically bright blue, black, or bluish-green. These large fish are very active and fun to watch swimming around in a saltwater aquarium. Surgeonfish are fairly large, so it's important that you make sure there is enough room in your aquarium for them.

  2. Basslet: Basslets, though they can grow to 6 inches, are typically only a couple inches long, making them one of the smaller marine fish in your aquarium. The most common and popular basslets are half blue or purple and half yellow. They're very brightly colored, very active, and playful, and a school of basslets can be a delightful addition to your salt water fish tank.

  3. Angelfish: There are a large variety of saltwater angelfish in the ocean, but dwarf angelfish are the species typically kept in fish tanks. Angelfish are very colorful and exotic and are great additions to any salt water tank. Most angelfish are brightly striped with large, compressed bodies that really show off their colors, and some even have long streamer fins that make them one of the most attractive fish you can have in your aquarium.

  4. Clownfish: These delightful fish are one of the most popular saltwater fish to have in your aquarium. They are typically bright orange and white and are very playful. If you choose to have clownfish in your aquarium, you may want to consider purchasing an anemone as well. In the wild, clownfish and anemone have a symbiotic relationship, and watching clownfish play in the anemone will add appeal to your own aquarium as well.

  5. Seahorses and starfish: Some of the most interesting sea creatures to have in your fish aquarium are not fish at all. Seahorses, crabs, and oceanic invertebrates, such as starfish and anemone, give your aquarium the feeling and benefits of a natural coral reef environment.

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