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Top 5 Favorite Cuts of Women's Jeans


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Every woman has jeans in her closet, and most women have several pairs in several different cuts to complement her wardrobe. Women's jeans can be classic and clean or trendy, edgy and unique. If you're shopping for a new pair of jeans, read about these popular styles.

Favorite Jean Cuts:

  1. Skinny: Despite their name, skinny jeans are a favorite because they flatter most body types and style tastes. Cut close from hip to ankle, skinny jeans give you a long, lean look and are easy to dress up or down. Because they're so slim, they're the best cut of jeans to pair with tunics and loose-fitting tops. Learn more with this how to wear skinny jeans guide.

  2. Boot cut: These jeans were originally designed to fit over cowboy boots, but more recently have become a sleeker version of the flare-leg jean. Boot-cut jeans typically have a low-rise waist and are cut slim through the thigh, gently flaring from the knee to the hem. As the name suggests, boot-cut jeans look great with boots of any style and are balanced out well by a fitted top.

  3. Boyfriend: Designed to mimic menswear, boyfriend is one of the loosest, most relaxed cuts you can find. The cut was inspired by women who liked to borrow their boyfriends' clothes and has been popular ever since. They fit loose from the hip to the hem and generally sit lower on the waist. Boyfriend jeans look extra good rolled up or cropped with casual flats and your favorite tee.

  4. Trouser: For those who like to dress up their casual wardrobe a little, trouser jeans are the answer. As a more tailored version of the wide-leg jean, trouser-cut styles are easy to dress up or down. They typically have a higher rise and are fitted through the hips and cut wide through the rest of the leg, with the widest point being at the hem. They look great with retro styles, cropped jackets and a pair of wedge heels.

  5. Straight: This classic cut is a classic for a reason: It always looks good and flatters everyone. As the name suggests, straight-leg jeans are cut straight from the hip to the ankle. While fitted, straight-leg jeans shouldn't fit tight like skinny jeans. The straight cut pairs well with just about everything in your wardrobe. Read this guide to learn how to wear straight-leg jeans.

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