Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for New Dads


Dad's first Father's Day is part of his initiation into fatherhood. Whether his child is nearly a year old or he is anxiously awaiting the little one's arrival, the holiday is the perfect chance to celebrate him becoming a dad. Not sure what to get him for for his first Father's Day? Decide what you want to say, and then use these gift suggestions to shop for the perfect gift.

Father's Day Gift Ideas:

  1. Celebrate: Is your main goal in a Father's Day gift to congratulate? Cigars have long been a customary new dad gift. Keep the tradition alive with humidors and cigars. Is he more of a martini man? Barware and cocktail accessories make a fun and thoughtful celebratory gift. If he's the snacking type, consider gourmet gift baskets filled with nuts, crackers, and chocolates.

  2. Equip: Baby equipment is a welcome gift for new parents. If Dad already has the basics covered, then look for cool daddy diaper bags, hip baby clothes, and baby carriers to give as gifts. Swings, toys, and activity centers are also fantastic options.

  3. Stylize: With the baby showers out of the way, Dad can probably use a new outfit, too. Why not choose something stylish to add to his wardrobe? New shirts are a popular Father's Day gift. Choose from crisp, white work-ready shirts and cool, cotton weekend wear. Does he have too many shirts as it is? How about a classic Father's Day tie, stylish new socks, or a dapper sweater?

  4. Spoil: Now is Dad's time to shine. With all eyes on the proud papa, he'd certainly enjoy a luxury gift for Father's Day. A stylish new timepiece can help him get to playgroups on time while adding a chic element to his look. If he's not a watch man, consider a leather jacket, a titanium ring, or a bottle of his favorite liquor.

  5. Share: Is Dad bursting at the seams with photos and videos of the new baby? It might be time to update his electronics. Tablet computers and smartphones let him easily share the photos and footage with family and friends. A new laptop might be what he needs to start an award-winning daddy blog. If non-digital photos are his preference, shop for frames, albums, and instant-print film cameras.

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Updated March 6, 2015