Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Gadget Dads

by Paul Sanders

Shopping for a Father's Day gift isn't always the easiest task, but if your dad is into electronics, you'll have a much easier time. These gift ideas will help you narrow it down and find the perfect gift for your gadget-loving dad.

Gadget Gifts for Dad:

  1. GPS navigation: Your dad's a busy guy, so he doesn't have time to stop and ask for directions, or at least that's what he says. Set him up with an automotive GPS that will help him map out his route and cut through traffic. Some GPS systems will even let him search for nearby businesses, connect to the Internet, and monitor live traffic data.

  2. Digital SLR camera: Upgrade your dad to professional-quality photography electronics with a high-resolution digital SLR camera. Digital SLR cameras provide superior control over image quality to produce stunning photos that can rival the work of professional photographers. This Father's Day, he could be checking the white balance, adjusting the focus, and creating some beautiful snapshots.

  3. Fitness band: If he likes gadgets, then he'll love adding a fitness band to his workouts. These activity trackers can be worn all day to track steps and all night to monitor sleeping habits. Many work with cell phone apps to let you track your diet and fitness goals. Whether he runs marathons or just errands, this gift can help him add modern technology to his life.

  4. High-quality headphones: Hardworking dads sometimes need to retreat into relaxation. Give him some noise-canceling headphones for his MP3 player or stereo. They're designed to block out ambient sounds and provide superior audio quality for music and movies. So, this Father's Day, your dad can put on his headphones and block out the outside world for a little while.

  5. Video game console: Lots of dads are gamers, and video games are fun for everyone. He'll like a video game console and that has games he can play with the whole family as well as games he can play by himself or with friends. Be sure to find some multiplayer games and some extra controllers to get everyone in on the action.

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Updated March 6, 2015