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Top 5 Essential Office Supplies

by Paul Sanders

Desk organizer with various office supplies

Whether you work from home or in a corporate office, it takes a lot to keep your office running. That's why it's important to keep well-stocked on the most vital basic office supplies. Even in a small home-office, you can go through paper supplies and other basic office products very quickly, especially when things get busy. As a reminder, here are the top five office supplies that you may want to pick up.

Essential Office Supplies:

  1. Pens, pencils and markers: Writing tools are the most basic of office supplies. It seems like you can never find a pen when you need one. Make sure you always have extra pens, pencils and markers on hand.

  2. Envelops and mailers: Shipping materials are essential if you're corresponding with clients and partners. Office supplies, like shipping boxes, oversize envelopes and padded envelopes can help you ship any materials you need.

  3. Staplers and accessories: If you're putting together marketing or presentation materials or just doing miscellaneous paperwork, you'll probably be using a stapler. If you're doing a lot of stapling or stapling heavy cardstock or other materials, an electric stapler can really save your palms from bruising. And while shopping for office supplies, don't forget to pick up plenty of staples, which always seem to go so fast.

  4. Computer accessories: Your computer is the control center of your workspace, and the right accessories can make it easier and more comfortable to use. Grab a mouse pad and a typing pad to save your wrists. And office equipment, like USB thumb drives and connector cables, can help you transfer files easily between devices.

  5. Printer and copier supplies: If you work in a document-intensive environment, you may go through a lot of paper, ink and toner. Be sure to replenish these office supplies regularly to avoid work slowdowns and stoppages.

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