Top 5 Electronic Gifts for the Younger Technophile

by Stacy Goll

Are you thinking of getting an electronic gift for the young technophile in your life, but you're not sure what to get? Consider the age and the interests of who you're buying for, and think about what they already have and similar devices they may want. Whether the young person you're buying for is into video games, music, or just electronics in general, the perfect gift is out there. Of all the popular electronics gifts, consider giving one of these.

Best Electronic Gifts for Kids:

  1. MP3 players: Even though they're for all ages, an MP3 player can be a great gift for the younger electronics enthusiast. They are compact devices, and they're easy to carry and use. A portable player lets them take their music or videos without the hassle of bulky electronic devices, so it's an ideal gift for the young technophile on the move. Don't forget the headphones!

  2. Tablets: A tablet computer is a gift that can't fail to please. They are powerful, portable devices that make so many things easier. They can access the internet, play games, watch movies, listen to music, or do homework anywhere, anytime. With so many apps geared toward younger people, the young tech-lover is sure to get lots of use out of a tablet.

  3. Video game consoles: Some of the most popular electronics out there are video game consoles. Their portable counterparts, mobile gaming devices, are a must have as well. Video game technology is driving the electronics industry and has come leaps and bounds since the original consoles of the 1970s. Each console or portable device has its own benefits, so personal preference should determine which console is the best gift. Many young technophiles collect multiple consoles and portable devices, so they can use multiple games and features. If you have questions about which game system to buy, read our video game consoles buying guide.

  4. Cell phones: One portable device that never fails to be popular with young people is the cell phone. They combine multiple electronic devices into one easy gift. More and more teens and grade school kids are getting cell phones to stay in touch with friends and family. And more parents are using them to stay in touch with their kids. For teens and young adults, consider a smartphone with multiple features, such as video and audio recording, a music and video player, texting, games, and Web browsing. For younger kids, consider basic mobile device features, such as standard texting, Web browsing, and games.

  5. Digital cameras: For the budding photographer, consider a digital camera. They are portable and loaded with features. Digital cameras can be used for anything from vacation pictures to professional photography. More casual digital cameras don't require much knowledge to use: Just point and click. Digital cameras with more advanced features are geared towards those who want to take professional quality photos. Many digital cameras even have video and audio recording options. Now anyone can make professional quality movies and photos without bulky editing electronics and film developing equipment.

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