Top 5 Curtain Rods for Formal Living Rooms

Top 5 Curtain Rods for Formal Living Rooms

Formal living rooms need something more than a standard curtain rod to exude elegance and timelessness. You can have the most luxurious couches and elaborate wall art, but without the right window treatments, the room will still feel bare. The best curtain fabric to hang in living rooms is typically something heavy, with a sheen, like damask or silk. These weighty textiles need equally strong hardware to balance the look. Here are the best curtain hardware styles for your formal living room.

Best Curtain Hardware Styles:


Wooden rods:

If you want to stick with the look of a classic curtain rod, try one made from solid wood to dress up a living room. Rich, deep woods, like mahogany and walnut, complement warm paint colors and curtains to add depth to your living room. If you have wood floors or wood architectural accents, try to match your curtain rod, so it looks as though it is a built-in feature of your house.


Decorative crowns:

If you’re aiming to make your living room as fancy as possible, hanging a decorative crown is the quickest way to do it. A throwback to elegant Victorian decor, these large fixtures can transform your home into a modern palace. Just affix one over the center of your window and hang a sconce on either side where the top of the window meets the wall. Sheer curtain panels work best for this look, so find an extra-long one and drape it over the crown and through the sconces for a dramatic look.


Rods with decorative iron finials:

Rods with decorative ends add presence to your curtains, so look for rods with shaped finials when shopping for curtain hardware. From elaborate leaves to simple scrolls, iron finials are meant to add an architectural element to straight curtain rods that makes them more appropriate for elegant spaces.


Double curtain rods:

Emphasize your living room windows with a double curtain rod that holds two sets of curtains. To diffuse the light in your room without completely blocking it, hang a sheer panel on the inside rod and a curtain made of heavy fabric on the outside. Double curtain rods also let you experiment with texture and color. Try layering a neutral-colored curtain panel over a brightly colored sheer panel for an unexpected pop of color.


Drapery sconces:

Drapery sconces allow you to create a swooped look with your curtain panels that embodies classic style. Sconces come in several different finishes, but for formal living rooms, look for something with an antique gold or bronze finish. Once you have the sconces picked out, decide how you want your curtains to look. For a romantic drape, hang a drapery sconce on either side of the window, just above the top, and thread a lightweight curtain panel through it. If you want a more intricate look, hang a rod between the sconces and loop your drapery around it several times, creating a scroll effect.