Top 5 Coats for Women

Top 5 Coats for Women

woman wearing a leather jacket on her shoulder
No matter what the season is, you need women's coats to look stylish and stay warm and dry. There's no need to stick to your boring women's outerwear when you can purchase sleek women's leather coats, women's parkas and other stylish women's winter coats. Read on for the top 5 coats for women throughout the year.
woman wearing a leather jacket on her shoulder

Best Women’s Coats:


Warm Winter Coat

If you live in an area that experiences plenty of snowfall and frigid temperatures, you need women’s winter coats that are durable and extra warm. Look for women’s parkas filled with down feathers and lined with fleece for lightweight warmth or purchase women’s wool coats that zip or button up to protect you from chilly winds. Both women’s parkas and women’s wool coats are available with hoods for extra protection, especially when it’s raining or snowing.


Pea Coat

When you want stylish coats that aren’t as thick or bulky as winter coats for women, try women’s pea coats. With single- or double-breasted styles available, women’s pea coats are versatile and classic. Look for a cut that includes slant pockets, a hood and toggle embellishments for an updated look.


Dress Coat

Every woman needs a dressy coat or jacket to wear with a nice pantsuit or dress. Women’s long coats made of wool or cashmere are always in style and keep you warm while you attend a fancy event. If you’re petite or are worried about these women’s coats overwhelming your frame, look for women’s long coats that hit at the knee or extend no longer than mid-calf.


Trench Coat

Essential in rainy climates, women’s trench coats are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes, and they come in various lengths and styles. Look for women’s trench coats that fall to the hip for a more modern look or buy coats that extend to the knee for a style you can wear with jeans, trousers and pencil skirts, especially at the office.


Leather Coat

Among the most classic wardrobe pieces you can own are women’s leather coats. You’re not limited to a simple black leather style, either; try women’s leather coats made of patent leather, lambskin, distressed leather or suede for a different look. Women’s outerwear in tan, caramel, bronze or beige is unexpected and will allow you to stand out in the crowd.