Top 5 Cheap Dining Room Chair Styles

Top 5 Cheap Dining Room Chair Styles

Finding dining room chairs that reflect your taste and preferred furniture style is a task you can easily do on a budget. The key to selecting budget-friendly chairs is knowing what style goes great with your current dining table, and then seeking out the best style that matches perfectly with the dining room’s decor. Inexpensive dining chairs come in a wide range of styles and colors, and the most popular chair materials are wood, fabric, plastic, and metal. It’s a good idea to narrow down your preference categories as much as possible in order to zero in on the exact chair styles that offer a pleasing aesthetic design along with comfort.

Contemporary Wood Dining Chairs

There are no specific rules to follow when selecting contemporary dining room chairs, and that’s a good thing. Contemporary chair design covers a variety of style choices, so when you browse different styles, you can have several favorites. Do look out for interesting shapes, fabric colors and patterns, and a mixture of materials that feel fresh and unique. Contemporary chairs often offer vibrant color choices such as bright blues, greens, and oranges in addition to standard white and black shades. Go for a unique pattern or interesting design that is outside of the common chair box.

Traditional Wood Dining Chairs

Inexpensive traditional dining room furniture choices are readily available, including chairs. In this category, you’ll find a nice mixture of chair styles that match beautifully with polished wood dining room tables. Most chairs in this category are constructed with some type of hardwood such as oak, a popular furniture wood that is durable and holds up well under constant use. Traditional chairs may have wood accents mixed with fabric materials or be mostly constructed of natural wood. This style is the most versatile to choose, because the chairs look good with most wood dining tables.

Parson Dining Chairs

If you want a chair style that has the contemporary feel of modern dining chairs, but still offers the warm richness of traditional wood dining chairs, parson chairs are a satisfying style compromise. Pick this style of chair when comfort at the dining table is your top priority. Parson chairs have large cushy seats and fabric covered chair backs, putting a comfortable layer of softness between you and the chair frame. As for design, these chairs offer elegant simplicity. Some parson chairs have taller than average backs. They also provide solid back support. Choosing fabrics designs and colors is always a pleasure, because styles range from traditional to fanciful to fun.

Modern Plastic Dining Chairs

Plastic is one of the cheapest materials used to create dining chairs, but that doesn’t mean skimping on style. Going the modern plastic chair route allows you to create a minimalist feel for your dining area. Plastic dining chairs are best suited for small indoor room spaces, or exterior spaces such as porches and outdoor patios. This style is often typified by curved seats and backs, and they come in a range of colors.

Vintage Dining Chairs

The opposite of modern is old-fashioned, and that may be just what your dining area requires, especially if your dining table is rustic or has an old-fashioned design. Vintage dining chairs have qualities that are timeless. When you look at these chairs, you can imagine people from 50 to over a hundred years ago sitting in them and eating a meal. Vintage chairs can have a rustic, country, or cottage design. Some styles have a touch of royalty, while others are plain and simple.

Contemporary Metal Dining Chairs

Choosing a metal dining chair with contemporary flair is easy to do, but be aware that this style covers all-metal chairs and chairs with some metal parts, such as accents or legs. Metal chair styles offer a little bit of everything, and you’ll find chairs with straight or curved backs, hard metal, cushion seats, or a futuristic style. Make metal seats more comfortable with plush seat cushions.