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Top 5 Cell Phone Accessories

by Paul Sanders

Screen Protector

The cell phone has quickly become the center of electronic life. The number of cell phones worldwide is estimated at more than 4 billion, and the number of features and capabilities continues to increase. But no matter how smart your cell phone gets, there are some cell phone accessories that will always be considered basic. Here are the top five cell phone accessories to make it easy and comfortable to use your cell phone anywhere.

The Top 5:

  1. Cell phone chargers and batteries. Your cell phone needs power, and it can be tough to keep it charged if you're on the go. Cell phone accessories like car chargers, spare outlet adapters and even USB chargers for your computer should be at the top of your list. One of the more useful cell phone accessories is the portable cell phone charger. These chargers connect to your phone for a temporary power boost and extend your talk time by as much as a few hours beyond normal battery life.

  2. Hands-free devices. If you're on the go, you're using your hands for other things. Why tie one hand up by holding your cell phone to your ear? Cell phone accessories like hands-free devices will make your calls a bit more convenient.

  3. Cell phone cases. It can be frustrating when your cell phone slips out of your hand or your pocket and you hear it clatter to the sidewalk. Give your cell phone a bit more protection by using cell phone accessories like carrying cases, clips and pouches.

  4. Screen protectors. One of the most common reasons for replacing a cell phone is screen damage. Wear and tear on you cell phone's screen can make it hard to see messages and caller ID. Mirrored screen protectors, screen filters and other protective cell phone accessories can prevent cracks and scratches.

  5. Data cables. If you have a smart phone or a music player cell phone, you may want a data cable to enable you to move music and photos from your cell phone to your computer and vice versa. These cell phone accessories can make your cell phone more than just a voice call device.

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