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Top 5 Cardigan Trends

by Andrea Sparks

Stylish woman in a trendy, red cardigan

The cardigan has always been a wardrobe staple, but with fun new styles, cardigans and twin sets are quickly becoming the center of the women's clothing trend scene. Wear a cardigan with jeans, a skirt, shorts and even leggings. You can wear the same cardigan to the office and again on the weekend and look chic everywhere you wear it. Read on to learn about the trendiest sweaters to add to your wardrobe.

Trendy Cardigans:

  1. Belted: It's easy to dress up any cardigan sweater with one simple accessory: the belt. Wear a belt over your cardigan, buttoned or unbuttoned, right at your natural waistline and you'll fit right in with the latest trends. Some cardigan sweaters are even being sold with attached belts to make the look even easier to achieve. A skinny, metallic belt over a classic cardigan pairs perfectly with a pencil skirt for the office, and a wide belt over a long, open-front cardigan and jeans adds style to your weekend look.

  2. Contrasting colors: Wear a bold cardigan over a bright tank or T-shirt. The contrast of color will instantly brighten your look and give any outfit, business or casual, a trendy touch. When you're pairing a bright cardigan, think about complementary colors: yellow and purple, orange and blue. Go for solids or try wearing a solid, open-front cardigan over a floral print blouse. You can even look for cardigans and twin sets you can mix and match to keep your look fresh and bright.

  3. Ruffles and frills: Basic cardigans are getting dressed up with trendy ruffles, bows and even applique flowers. Look for cardigans and twin sets with a dash of flair around the neckline and placket. If you're not ready to embrace ruffles or you want to dress up an old favorite, try adding large flower pins to your cardigan for the same effect.

  4. Patterns and prints: Fresh and unexpected, patterned cardigans are always a chic choice. Look for a cardigan with polka dots, printed bows and even a classic argyle design. Pair a cardigan with a watercolor floral print with a sleek, black pencil skirt and coordinating pumps for a look that can go from office to evening and still look great.

  5. Boyfriend: Cool and casual, but always chic, boyfriend cardigans are getting a lot of attention. The longer length of boyfriend cardigans makes them perfect for wearing with leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of boots. Most boyfriend cardigans have a low V-neck before the buttons, so you can show off a bright tank or fun graphic T-shirt underneath.

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