Ways to Make Your Style Stand Out With Boho Rugs

Ways to Make Your Style Stand Out With Boho Rugs

Boho rugs styled in a home office.
The spirit of Bohemian style ignores rules and embraces true self-expression. When you start with the perfect boho rug, the rest of your room’s style will follow suit. Check out these boho rugs and rooms to get an idea of what you’d want in your own home.

Keep It Energetic With a Colorful, Bright Style

Boho rugs styled in an apartment Image Provided by Old Brand New

Colors work wonders to liven up a space. A bright boho rug with a lively pattern is an easy addition that helps revive your existing decor. Look for one with colors that you’ve already used around your room.


The touches of green and yellow in this Oriental rug tie in the bold colors of the room for a cohesive design. An intricately patterned boho rug with a variety of colors makes for endless style possibilities.


Set the Tone With Southwest Infusion

Southwest rug styled in a living room

Boho style rugs are perfect for giving your room a Southwest slant. Go for one with geometric designs in earth tones that tie your color palette together. A Moroccan rug, like the one pictured above, highlights Southwest style with low pile and fringed edges. It provides just enough cushion to soften the wood floor but not so much that it draws focus from the rough-hewn room design.


Feel free to add more patterned textiles, like throw pillows and blankets . When it comes to Boho style, mixing patterns is encouraged.


Add Colorful Accents to a Neutral Foundation

Neutral boho rug styled in a living room with colorful accents.

When you’re working with a vivid color palette, you need a healthy dose of neutrals to balance it out. When you opt for a neutral rug setup, like the one pictured above, you can get creative with the rest of the room’s decor. Bright pillows, colorful throws, and striking tchotchkes will give your space personality. With neutral rugs, you can add visual appeal that won’t overwhelm your room.


Pull Hues From a Multicolored Pattern

Multicolored pattern boho rug

The right rug can help you choose your color palette for a room. By starting with a fun multicolored rug, you’ll have plenty of color options to choose from. Use accent colors from the rug instead of the main color unless you want a monochromatic look.


In the room pictured above, red, yellow, and green hues are pulled from the rug and used in decorative textiles. You can incorporate your color palette similarly, in anything from throw pillows to a wall color.


Give Off Earthy Vibes With Jute

Jute Rug styled in a boho living room Image Provided by Old Brand New

When you’re working towards a boho vibe, rugs with natural fibers are always a safe bet. Flat-weave styles made from bamboo, hemp, or jute give your home a “‘one with nature”’ feel. You can accent that aesthetic with neutral tones and textures or bright, colorful decor.


Flat-weave rugs are also perfect for layering. Start with a natural jute area rug and top it with a smaller fuzzy rug to increase coziness.


Express Eclectic Style With Layers

Layered boho rugs

Eclectic decorating lets you stack, cluster, and layer your favorite decorations, including rugs. Two or more rugs artfully arranged end to end or layered on top of each other add texture to a unique space.


Pair a patterned rug with a solid one for a look that’s easy on the eyes. Or, try layering two patterned rugs to make a statement. Learn more by reading these Tips for Layering Rugs.


Encourage Floor Seating With Shag

Shag rug styled in a boho living room

Extra seating is essential for creating inviting boho vibes. But if your space is too small for chairs galore, a shag area rug makes any open floor space a cozy place to sit. Choose a rug with a high pile and soft, touchable fibers. Make sure it has a colorful pattern that matches your decor. You can even add a few floor pillows for extra cushioning. For more ways to incorporate shag rugs, read these Shag Ideas to Cozy Up To.

With the addition of the perfect boho rug, your room will be swimming in style. Follow your heart as you arrange coordinating throws, tapestries, and decorative accessories. If you’re looking for a variety of rug styles to decorate the rest of your house, get inspired with our Area Rug Styles guide.