Top 5 Benefits of Steam Showers

Top 5 Benefits of Steam Showers

While installing a steam shower in your home bathroom may feel a bit indulgent, it's actually one of the best things you can do for your health. Steam showers relax both your body and your mind, allowing your system to get rid of metabolic waste and helping improve your circulation, your skin's health and even your breathing. Take a look at some of the ways a steam shower can help you take a step toward greater health, relaxation and productivity.

Clear, Moisturized Skin

As little as 20 minutes of steam per week can help improve your skin’s tone and clarity. Steam cleanses your skin and increases your perspiration, in turn getting rid of dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt that build up in the top layers of your skin. The result is a decrease in blackheads and other blemishes. A steam shower also softens hair and makes it easier to shave without risking razor burn.

Improved Circulation

The moist heat of a steam shower spa widens your blood vessels, bringing down your blood pressure naturally. Your blood flow increases as a result, improving your overall circulation. This improved circulation in turn provides more oxygen to your calls and helps keep your arteries healthy. Your muscles typically function better when you make a steam shower part of your regular routine, and your heart benefits as well because of the increased blood flow.

Easier Breathing

If you deal with sinus congestion on a regular basis, you already know that steam opens up your sinuses to provide the relief you’ve been longing for. Imagine immersing yourself in healing steam every day and enjoying the relief to your respiratory system that it can bring.

Recovery from Exercise

There’s a reason professional athletes head straight to the steam shower or sauna after a big game or workout. Metabolic waste builds up in your muscles during exercise and is in fact the reason your muscles feel sore after a good workout. Heading to the steam shower can help your body rid itself of this waste, especially if you alternate your steam with a cold shower or bath to get your capillaries working at pushing the waste out of the muscles.

Stress Relief

One of the key reasons to invest in a steam shower is that it’s so relaxing. Just feeling the heat soaking into your muscles causes tension to melt away. Enjoy a bathroom shower filled with steam before you go to bed to help you sleep better. The warmth of the steam not only increases your blood circulation to relax your muscles, it also releases endorphins in your brain to help you relax mentally and emotionally.

Your Options in Choosing a Steam Shower

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a steam shower is to buy a steam shower kit that comes ready for installation. These prefabricated units are quick to install and typically fit right into the existing footprint of your bathtub or shower, so installation doesn’t require any extensive remodeling. These units are also designed to hook right up to your existing plumbing.

Another option is to create a custom-built steam shower that centers around a steam generator. Going this route can be as simple as changing your shower door to one that seals and installing a steam generator, or you can add other features such as rain towers or rainfall shower heads. A top-of-the-line luxury steam shower can include aromatherapy options, waterproof entertainment systems, mood lighting, waterfalls and multiple water jets.