Top 5 Benefits of Shopping in an Online Jewelry Store

Top 5 Benefits of Shopping in an Online Jewelry Store

AUGUST 5, 2016

by Andrew Schneider Jewelry Specialist

Gone are the days when buying a wedding ring required hours spent with a salesman who only had a handful of items in the store. Today, buying jewelry online is as easy as point-and-click, and the selection at your fingertips dwarfs the largest brick-and-mortar retailers. Switching to online shopping for the jewelry that marks your special occasions brings nothing but benefits to you as a customer in at least five distinct ways.

Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

Shopping Online Saves Money

Price is a factor in any transaction, and it looms large when you're buying jewelry, whether it's costume jewelry for the kids' school play or a diamond solitaire necklace for a Christmas present. Shopping online saves money by bringing pricing information together and making it easy to see what different retailers charge for equivalent items. As a shopper, you can open multiple tabs in your browser, each with the item you're looking for, and directly compare prices.

Gold Diamond Men's Wedding Band

Comparison Shopping Is as Easy as Can Be

Searching for jewelry in multiple tabs helps in another way: it lets you compare similar items side-by-side. This is different from the in-store shopping experience. To comparison shop at a traditional store, it's necessary to lean on the expertise of a sales rep, and what gets shown doesn't necessarily represent the full range of options. Even something as simple as a gold ring, for example, comes with so many potential variations that no single store can have everything you're looking for. Online, finding exactly what you need is as simple as typing a few keywords into a search window. Many online retailers make it easy by providing a search bar on every page. To get the most helpful results, drill down through the category you're interested in, then search within that category for a specific phrase, such as: "gold wedding band with diamond."

Sterling Silver Necklace

Everything Is Likely in Stock

Another area where shopping online for jewelry excels over in-store purchases is in the high likelihood that the item you want is in stock and ready to ship. Any single retailer may run out of the silver necklaces you've set your heart on, but online retailers aren't limited to the stock that fits in the store. Even if a particular online retailer happens to be out of stock on an item, other online retailers probably have it. You can use the out-of-stock listing for comparison shopping, as well. Hold open the tab with the sold out item, and compare its list price with what the other sellers are asking. Even if you can't order from the first online seller, the information in the listing still helps.

Tennis Bracelet

Shop at Your Own Pace

Jewelry is potentially a big-ticket purchase, and feeling rushed to buy makes for an unsatisfying experience. Even if your in-store sales rep is being courteous, there's still a certain pressure to buy quickly and go, which can lead to hurried decisions. This pressure doesn't exist when you shop online. Shopping on the Internet can be done in private, away from outside pressure, and without any sense of obligation. Simply open the description of the tennis bracelet you're interested in, take the time to comparison shop, and then close the tabs and walk away to think it over for a day or two. Odds are, your item will still be there when you come back, and you can place an order when you're comfortable.

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Bundle Your Orders Together

Buying multiple items at once can be a headache in a traditional jewelry store. Even if the retailer you visit has the exact set of earrings you're interested in, you might not be able to find the types of pendant or brooch you're also looking for. Buying online gets around this dilemma by letting you shop for as many items as you need, and then bundle them together into a single transaction with one low shipping charge. Some online retailers offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount, so add in a few little extras, such as a jewelry box or display case, to get over the threshold and qualify for reduced-price or free shipping.