Top 5 Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Top 5 Bedroom Curtain Ideas

sheer white curtains
Use curtains to enhance and customize your bedroom. Even if you already have window blinds or shades, curtains is an inexpensive way to create a cohesive look throughout a space and tie together a specific color scheme. Use vintage-style curtains featuring embroidered details for a charming look or hang lace window treatments for a romantic room. Gauzy curtains will catch the breezes during warm summer months, while heavy cotton window treatments will block out excess light and heat.
sheer white curtains

Bedroom Curtain Ideas:


Hopeless romantic:

For a romantic touch, hang white lace curtains in your bedroom. Sheer screens, embroidery and pearl accents can round out the dramatic look. Add a touch of glamour while adding privacy to your personal space; use blinds or shades underneath for extra protection.


Vintage classic:

For a vintage-inspired bedroom, buy antique-look curtains featuring embroidery details such as hearts and flowers. Choose crisp white cotton curtains with stitching details for a retro look. The antique-look tends to work best in rooms with white, light blue or wooden walls.


Do not disturb:

To keep your bedroom cool and dark, choose curtains with blackout liners, which will keep out light and heat or cold. Lined curtains allow you to cut back on air conditioning and heating costs during hot months and create a dark respite during daylight hours; blackout curtains will also block out bright street lights at night.


Island paradise:

For an island feel, buy white, gauzy curtains that allow breezes and sunlight through open windows. The slightly transparent material will diffuse the natural light, splashing the space with a warm glow. If you need more privacy or darkness at night, you can always add a pull-down shade that can block out excessive light if the transparent curtains aren’t enough. Opt for curtains made of a light, free-flowing material that will allow the wind to blow through them.



To give your window treatments the finishing touch, use decorative curtain hardware and tie-backs. Metallic cords with tassels add an opulent touch; or, for a more understated elegance, install tie-back hooks that match your curtain rod and rings.