Top 5 Bath Accessories to Create an At-Home Spa

Top 5 Bath Accessories to Create an At-Home Spa

Top 5 Bath Accessories to Create an At-Home Spa
Any bathroom can be a lavish retreat with the right bath accessories. A step above your basic bath coordinates and bath hardware, luxury bath accessories help you achieve a calming bathroom and provide stylish functionality that will make you feel like you're at a spa. If you want to create the feeling of a day spa at home, start with these five bath accessories.
Top 5 Bath Accessories to Create an At-Home Spa

Top Bath Accessories:


Bamboo Floor Mats

Eco-friendly floor mats made out of bamboo and teak wood look like they belong in a professional spa, and they help keep your bathroom bacteria-free. By allowing air to circulate through the wooden slats, bamboo floor mats allow water to evaporate better than standard cotton or synthetic bath mats.


Bath Accessory Sets

The easiest way to instantly refine your bathroom decor is to add a bath accessory set. These sets typically include a matching trash can, toothbrush holder, cup, soap dispenser, and soap holder. Look for a bath accessory set made of oil-rubbed bronze or natural bamboo to help add serenity to your space.


Tub Shelves

Nothing channels a day at the spa like relaxing in a warm bath. To make your tub even more calming, invest in a tub shelf. Expandable tub shelves attach to either side of the tub and can be used to hold candles, books, a glass of wine, or whatever else you choose. These rust-proof luxury bath accessories will transform your standard bath experience into a calming ritual.


Towel Bars

To make your bathroom feel special, consider replacing your standard towel racks with a modern free-standing towel bar. Using stainless steel or bronze free-standing towel racks to replace existing bath hardware will create a chic look, as well as make towels easier to access from the shower or tub.


Framed Wall Mirrors

A mirror featuring an elaborate gold or sleek wood frame can easily be used to replace an existing bathroom mirror and will add polish to your existing bath accessories. To make your bathroom warm and inviting, hang decorative mirrors on an accent wall nestled between two wall sconces.