Top 10 Unusual Gemstones


If you love unique jewelry, spice up your collection with some unusual gemstones. While the more common gems, like amethyst, citrine, and sapphires, are still popular, beautiful gemstone jewelry can also feature lesser known stones. Many unusual gemstones are bi-colored or tri-colored; others have fascinating patterns. How you wear unique gemstone jewelry is limited only by your imagination; here are a few ideas that will inspire you to try wearing something new.

Try These Unusual Gemstones:

  1. Ametrine: This quartz stone contains both amethyst and citrine sections. The resulting purple and yellow coloration of ametrine adds a regal look to a jewelry collection when set in yellow or white gold.

  2. Apatite: A stone that is becoming more popular in gemstone jewelry, apatite can be blue, violet, green, or yellow. It is often cut as beads or cabochons and set in sterling silver jewelry. People who like to make their own jewelry can find apatite beads in many sizes and shapes.

  3. Aventurine: The most commonly used aventurine gems feature various shades of light green that resembles jade. Other aventurine colors include brown, orange, and a blue green. Colorful and bright, it is especially pretty in a short necklace that is worn just below the hollow of the neck. Teardrop aventurine beads also showcase their enchanting color in dainty earrings.

  4. Bloodstone: Red iron oxide spots add visual interest to this dark green chalcedony gem. It is popular in handcrafted world jewelry and is often combined with other stone to form colorful patterns.

  5. Calcite: This common mineral is usually a transparent, colorless crystal, although it is found in numerous colors, including blue, yellow, purple, and orange. To emphasize vivid color, calcite jewelry often features large, smooth beads in necklaces and earrings.

  6. Charoite: These are purple gemstones with swirling patterns that resemble marble. A recent addition to the jewelry industry, the charoite mineral is only found Russia. To showcase the stone's beauty, jewelers cut it into large, smooth beads with a highly polished finish. Charoite is the perfect gem for large pendants and chunky necklaces.

  7. Fire opal: These opals feature intense fiery red, orange, and yellow colors; they are also called Mexican opals. Large fire opals cut as cabochons make distinctive rings and pendants.

  8. Kunzite: This gem is the violet version of the spudomene stone. Kunzite's transparent lilac color has a hint of pink, and this stone sparkles brilliantly with a faceted cut. Delicate white gold earrings and pendants, accented with diamonds, provide a beautiful setting for kunzite.

  9. Lapis lazuli: Sparkling golden flecks distinguish these ultramarine blue stones that have been used for decoration for many centuries. Today, lapis lazuli decorates beaded necklaces, bracelets, and dangling earrings.

  10. Watermelon tourmaline: These tourmalines have pink centers and green borders; the color pattern is sometimes reversed. The cut stones are stunning gems, especially when set in pendants or large rings.

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