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Top 10 Tools Every House Should Have



Unless you have a professional tool set in your possession, chances are you have found yourself faced with a project at home without the tools to complete it. But all you really need is 10 basic tools and you'll be able to take on most, if not all, of the repairs needed in your home.

Do You Have All These Tools?

  1. Screwdriver: Actually, you will need two screwdrivers: a Phillips head screwdriver (it looks like a plus sign) and a flathead, or slotted, screwdriver (it looks like a minus sign). You can use a flathead screwdriver with a Phillips screw if you don't have anything else, but not vice versa. If you have both, you can assemble or disassemble pretty much anything that comes your way.

  2. Saw: Depending on the jobs you will need to do, you will need different kinds of saws. For example, if your yard has a lot of trees, you will need a good pruning saw or chainsaw to keep the branches in check. If you will need the saw for smaller jobs, like cutting metal or PVC piping around your home, you will want to look for a smaller toothed saw.

  3. Utility knife: Sharp as a razor, utility knives are perfect for exact cutting, like edging drywall or removing old caulking. Utility knives are also strong enough to help you break down strong cardboard boxes after you are finished using them.

  4. Tape measure: Depending on what you will need to measure, you may want a retractable metal tape measure: The metal strap stays in place to help you measure large spaces or items. For smaller spaces and awkward measurements, such as circumferences, a cloth measuring tape is your go-to tool.

  5. Adjustable wrench: If you only own one wrench, make sure it's adjustable. An adjustable wrench will ensure you can take on a variety of tasks. Just be sure you adjust the wrench to snugly fit the nut or bolt; otherwise, you run the risk of stripping the head.

  6. Pliers: You may want to get a few different types of pliers: locking pliers, wide-mouth pliers, and needle-nose pliers. Locking pliers allow you to get a firmer grip than you would with your hand strength alone. Typically, locking pliers are used for holding metal in place for welding, but they are the perfect tool to help with a stubborn bolt. Wide-mouth pliers are a good second for the wrench in your home, and needle-nose pliers are essential for getting a hold on something in a small space.

  7. Level: At some point, we've all had to hang something. And we've all had someone stand on the other side of room to tell us when the frame appeared to be straight. Make it easy on yourself and take out the guesswork with a level.

  8. Safety glasses: Nothing is more important than your health and safety. Make sure you keep your eyes covered with safety glasses whenever you are working on a project.

  9. Hammer: A hammer, perhaps seen as the most basic of tools, is actually quite the versatile instrument. A hammer can be used for pounding in nails, removing them, or helping you break something down.

  10. Heavy-duty tape: A sticky, flexible, and durable tape can be used for just about anything. Duct tape can hold nearly anything in place, and, for the creative types, duct tape wallets are a fun accessory.

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