Top 10 Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

Top 10 Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

three tiered bath stand
The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, yet it often holds more little bottles and trinkets than any other room. You need your towels and toiletry essentials in the bathroom, yet they look cluttered and unattractive on the counter. The answer to this problem is the right bathroom storage solution, whether it's a bathroom cabinet or a basket. Take a look below to learn the top 10 stylish bathroom storage ideas.

three tiered bath stand

The Best Bathroom Storage:


Over-the-toilet storage:

Add shelves, bathroom cabinets or towel hooks to the wall space above the toilet. This area is typically not used for anything other than bathroom decor and provides an excellent space to display neatly folded towels or decorative lotion bottles.



Use baskets to store loose toiletries or rolled-up towels in a uniform, clutter-free way. Baskets can be stored out in the open, under the sink or in a closet.


Corner rack or shelf:

A corner pot rack or plant stand can double as bathroom storage. Simply place a bowl or basket on each shelf to hold toiletries, bath toys or towels. This makes excellent use of an unused corner in a tight space, and waterproof options can add tub or shower storage.


Free-standing cabinet:

Not all bathrooms come with a closet. For those lacking this essential storage space, opt for a built-in bathroom cabinet instead.


Built-in drawers:

For a bathroom lacking under-the-sink storage, consider adding shallow drawers to the wall. This will work if you have a closet behind the bathroom that you can carve some space out of. This gives you storage for toiletries without cluttering up the bathroom floor.


Decorative drawers:

If there is space under the counter but no built-in drawers or cabinets, decorative drawers make a nice addition to a bathroom and add bathroom storage. Opt for something tasteful and durable so the drawers add to the overall look of the room.


Bath-toy storage:

For a children’s bathroom, consider a bath-toy net or storage bucket that suctions to the bathtub wall. This gives the toys a place to dry without filling up the sink or cluttering the counter with playthings.


Wall boxes:

Hang a set of storage boxes or cubes on the wall. These provide shelving that is more enclosed than a traditional shelf. The smaller storage area will keep clutter controlled.


Towel hooks:

Most families have more people in their home than they have room in the bathroom to hang towels. Instead of installing multiple towel racks, which take up significant amounts of wall space, consider installing a wall of towel hooks, using one for each person who uses the bathroom.


Back-of-the-door storage:

Utilize the back of the bathroom door for bathroom storage. Hang over-the-door towel racks or install hooks on the back of the door. They increase storage space without sacrificing the look of the room.