Top 10 Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

A set of diamond rings, a great romantic christmas gift idea for her
Whether your relationship is new or you've been together for years, nothing beats a thoughtful, romantic Christmas gift. Save the chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day and choose a gift that shows how well you know and appreciate her. There's nothing more romantic than a gift that speaks to her interests and passions, so use our list of top 10 romantic gift ideas to find the perfect thing to place under the tree.

A set of diamond rings, a great romantic christmas gift idea for her

Romantic Gift Ideas for Women

1. Perfume

Perfume is a classic romantic gift and far from typical if you know your loved one well. Perfume is very personal to the wearer, so find out what sort of notes she likes such as floral, citrus, and musk.

2. Streaming Device

If she loves a good movie night, a streaming device could be the perfect gift for a date night in. Devices like Chromecast and Roku will allow her to stream her favorite channels like Hulu and Netflix right to the TV. She can catch up on her favorite shows, watch a good flick, and enjoy downtime.

3. Date Night Outfit

An especially thoughtful gift for the lady who never has time to shop, a new date night outfit is always a sweet surprise. Whether it’s a new little black dress or something more casual, take the time to get her measurements, learn her style, and surprise her with a fabulous outfit for a night out together.

4. Tablet

Who says a tablet is too tech to be romantic? Whether your favorite girl needs a way to stay connected to her business, or read her favorite books, a tablet is the gift that gives it all. Give her an iPad ready with all her favorite books downloaded, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab complete with all the software she’s been wanting.

5. Handbag

Whether she’s walking into a big meeting at work, exploring her favorite places, or out on the town, the right handbag tells her you know exactly what she needs to stay stylish and organized. Choose a designer handbag that will hold up over time and always make a classic style statement.

6. Wireless Speaker

Music is possibly the most romantic gift of all. Whether she’s winding down to her favorite tunes, or cranking up a well-curated playlist, a wireless speaker lets her play music from her phone, wirelessly. Look to brands like Bose and JBL to deliver long-lasting sound.

7. Diamond Jewelry

Give her some subtle sparkle with diamond jewelry. The simplicity of classic solitaire studs, or the elegance of a pendant necklace works with every style and still offers the romantic quality befitting diamonds. Shop for jewelry that will complement her everyday outfits, or dress up an evening outfit for date night.

8. Shoes

As the saying goes, give her the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. If the way to her heart is through a new pair of shoes, spoil her with kicks that make her feel fabulous. Whether she’s had her eye on shiny stilettos or a pair of boots, give her a pair that shows off her style. As you shop, keep in mind shoe size and color preference.

9. Spa Gift Basket

Help her feel pampered with a spa gift basket full of health and beauty supplies to make her relaxed and rejuvenated. If she’s a fan of long bubble baths, look for a set with bath bombs, body wash, and lotion. If she loves a good pedicure, opt for a basket that will treat her feet.

10. Watch

Whether it’s symbolic of you giving her your time, or shows that you know her style, a watch is a classic gift. The right timepiece will add to her style and make any outfit look sharp. Choose a classic style with a leather wristband or metal links, or give her something more tech-forward like a smart watch.

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