Top 10 Home Decor Trends in 2021

Top 10 Home Decor Trends in 2021

2021 home trends are feeling fresher, warmer, and more welcoming. Expect nature-inspired palettes and materials, and nostalgic patterns and styles. This year’s interiors promise a focus on wellness and simplicity. Check out 2021’s design trends to bring home all the comfort that the past year has been missing.


Palette: Happy and Hopeful

2021 design trends are rooted in natural palettes. You can take this in different directions. Refresh your lush oasis with ocean blues and leafy greens. Ground your airy aesthetic in canyon reds and browns. These hues are bolder and more extroverted than we were this past year — but they’re still relaxing and restorative. It’s time to feel sunkissed after a year of sheltering in place.


Colors of the Year: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

Pantone’s 2021 color(s) of the year stirs up the feeling of renewal we find in the great outdoors. They paired a mindful mountain grey with a vibrant morning yellow. This optimistic-yet-anchored duo is exactly what we need. Ultimate Gray is a reliable neutral to preserve the clarity we built in the past year. But Illuminating is a joyful burst of natural color to reintroduce energy into our lives. The perfect way to try this trend? Layer a solid-colored couch in saturated pillows and throws.


See how Overstock stylist Amber Dunford styled Pantone’s Colors of the Year.


Material: Light Woods

Tactility is everything. It makes experiences richer and deeper, which we’ve been pining for all year. For cozy interiors, 2021 designs are using friendly light-toned woods in flooring and furniture. It’s even being seen in wall paneling or ceiling beams. Authentic grains and hand-carved details are even better for that raw, unstained feeling. No slick finishes here.


Material: Woven Textures

Woven decor is also emphasizing the craftsmanship of organic pieces. A caned cabinet, wicker planter, or rattan seating can all bring in the biophilic trend (biophilic literally translated means nature-loving). You can add that unexpected touch of authenticity with a light fixture or headboard. 2021 home decor trends predict that we will continue to bring the outdoors in. So this year, reinforce your connection with nature.


Shapes: Comfy and Curved

After a rough, unpredictable year, we could all do with some softness. The neotenic trend falls into this category. Neoteny just means sweeter, more innocent — aka less intense. And asymmetrical shapes are perfect for a playful, funky vibe or a simple subtle one. That’s why 2021 is pulling out cute curves in furniture and decor. Curves are fluid, and if you’re sensing a theme yet, 2021 home trends are all about feeling less rigid. From coffee tables to cabinets, and archways to lighting, roundness makes designs seem more fun and approachable. Bring in free-form objects big and small through line art, a sculptural chair, or a smooth vase.


Style: Modern Rustic

We all want to feel a little wilder. That’s why Rustic Decorating will make an appearance in 2021 home trends. Like the trends we’ve seen so far, modern rustic has a rugged, back-to-basics approach. But this time, it’s more upscale. You’ll blend your textured, lived-in essentials with clean, streamlined pieces. This helps your design feel “classic,” not worn. Stick to deep browns and olive greens for earthy elegance. Keep the luxurious faux fur throws and chic cowhide rugs, and replace rust with gloss. Think matte blacks and brass finishes for a look that has more of a contemporary sheen than a galvanized one. It creates the snug yet sleek ambiance of modern rustic style.


Era: Grandmillennial

“Grandmillenial” is another nature-inspired trend, capturing a yearning for the countryside. Also called “cottagecore,” this folksy 2021 home trend is all about pastels, pleats, and ruffles. It’s part salvaged farmhouse, so you’re shooting for quirk and character. Chipped paint and honest materials like wicker and linen offer simple charm. Nod to the pastoral pleasures of knitting and gardening with embroidery and florals.


Then up the antique. Relying on a campy hodge-podge of storied heirlooms, this style verges on looking “busy.” Adorn your home in paisley wallpapers and gingham slipcovers. Bring in candlesticks and chandeliers for old-world lighting. Fine china, sculptured busts, and ornate mirrors and picture frames complete the delicate vintage look.


Design Hack: Storage Furniture

When you declutter, you destress. So we’ve all started prioritizing calmness and efficiency in our surroundings. That’s why storage furniture is soaring in 2021. It invites harmony and productivity. From lift-top tables to media cabinets, you’ll see organization is on-trend. Storage components are in every bench and ottoman. This year, we’re maximizing functionality.


Design Hack: Multiuse Spaces

We’re not just modifying our furniture — we’re also getting more out of how we use each space. Especially small spaces. This past year, home has become the gymcraft studio, and, most popularly, the office. You can place your desk bedside to double as a nightstand, or anchor it behind your floating couch as a sofa table. Reassess your layout to see where you can create multiuse rooms.


Movement: Sustainable Design

In 2021, social consciousness and healthy homes are in full bloom. We’ve spent a year focusing on regeneration. Now we’re looking to make a low environmental impact and investing in eco-friendly pieces. Bio plastics, reused materials, and up-cycled elements are all trending. And having stayed close to home, there’s a special interest in locally sourced materials. Sustainable design is about purity: think composite outdoor furniture, hypoallergenic bedding, and natural fiber rugs. From terracotta to textiles, these types of handmade details are majorly in style for 2021. Let nature boost your mood and soothe your soul.

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