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Top 10 Gifts for the Best Man

Top 10 Gifts for the Best Man

a man in a suit with a flower pinned on his lapel
The best man is the one of the overlooked heroes of the wedding day. Purchasing appropriate gifts for the best man is, therefore, an important gesture. While the couple gets all the attention, the stalwart best man stands on the sidelines, ready to be there for his good friend whenever he needs assistance. Consider the best man's hobbies and get him a gift that serves a proper thank-you.
a man in a suit with a flower pinned on his lapel

1. Drinking Accessories

There’s a good chance your best man is a former or current drinking buddy. Capitalize on this by purchasing a classy drinking accessory as a best man gift. A flask is a nice, customizable gift that he’d likely never purchase for himself. Other options include a pub sign, an engraved beer mug or tumbler or a cooler. Top off the gift with a bottle of good scotch, wine or whatever libation your friend enjoys most.

2. Smoking Accessories

Perhaps your friend enjoys a good smoke. Consider giving him a box of fine cigars, a humidor, a fancy lighter or a cigar cutter. Any of these items make good gifts for the best man.

3. Multi-tool

No matter what other hobbies your best man has, he’ll benefit from the utility of a multi-tool. Purchase a version aimed at his interests, such as hunting or fishing, and always choose a high-quality model. Also consider having it engraved.

4. Fashion Accessories

Some popular fashion accessories that are easily engraved are money clips, cuff links and pocket watches. These items will be most appreciated by the fashion-conscious best man who’s always interested in looking his best.

5. Sports Gifts

Sports are a great medium for bonding among friends, so they can serve as an appropriate theme for gifts. Some things to consider as best man gifts are a sports-themed engraved mug, a classic framed picture of his favorite team or stadium or a piece of memorabilia. You can also purchase tickets to an upcoming game the two of you can attend, which will give you a chance to say thanks in a relaxed social setting.

6. Gaming

Perhaps your best man enjoys a certain game or two. In that case, gift ideas include personalized poker chips or sets and game-room signs. Other gambling-themed accessories, like a roulette wheel, would also make an interesting, unexpected gift.

7. Electronics

What guy doesn’t appreciate a new piece of electronic gadgetry? While a new HDTV might be out of the question, smaller electronics — MP3 players, multimedia players, Bluetooth speakers or iPod docks — make good options. Also, consider any electronic gadgets that relate specifically to your best man’s hobbies, such as golf GPS.

8. Golf

Many men bond on the links, and a golf gift makes for an excellent choice for the man who enjoys the game. Consider a monogrammed golf towel, a personalized golf bag, a golf multi-tool or a tee time at a new course.

9. Timepieces

Quality clocks or watches make a memorable gift for the best man. An engraved analog clock would be a tasteful gift, as would a new watch. If you choose a men’s watch, purchase a high-quality watch with a well-known brand name.

10. Grilling Tools

Another great domain of the modern man is the gas or charcoal grill. Consider purchasing your best man a quality set of grill tools and utensils or perhaps a portable tailgating grill.