Top 10 Gifts for Mother's Day


She gave you life and love, and Mother's Day is the time to show your mom how much you appreciate her. This year, surprise her with the perfect gift, one that fits her personality and shows how much you care. If you're not sure what to get for your mom, try one of these popular Mother's Day gifts.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

  1. A bouquet of flowers: An arrangement of your mother's favorite fresh flowers will always make an excellent gift. Since Mother's Day falls in the spring, many different types of buds are in bloom, so it shouldn't be hard to find flowers in her style. A vase of tulips has a charming, prim-and-proper look. Roses are another Mother's Day favorite, and they have a classic, romantic look many moms prefer. Gerbera daisies and sunflowers have a laid-back, casual feeling. Orchids are elegant and a bit exotic.

  2. A spa gift basket: Filled with soaps, lotions, bath salts, and other bath products, spa gift baskets are the perfect Mother's Day gift for a mom who likes to be pampered. To make this gift extra special, add a gift certificate to a local day spa for a massage, facial, or pedicure.

  3. Her favorite fragrance: Some moms wear perfume every day, and some save it for a special occasion. Either way, she probably has a favorite fragrance that she'd love a new bottle of. Look for complementary lotions and body washes to wrap up with it or find a perfume gift set that also includes pretty packaging.

  4. Sparkling jewelry: A mother who likes to get dressed up would love a piece of jewelry. Pearls are classic and timeless, making them perfect for Mother's Day. You could find pendants that say "Mom" or feature her initial. Charm bracelets also make wonderful Mother's Day gifts because they can be personalized to represent her life as a mom.

  5. Something to wear: If you know your mother's style and size, women's clothing will make a good gift. If you're less sure about sizing, turn to accessories to find a good gift. A pair of designer sunglasses, a leather handbag, or a pretty scarf would each be welcome on Mother's Day.

  6. Photos of her pride and joy: The most important thing to your mom is her family, so she would love a photo frame to show off her kids or grandchildren in style. To make a lasting gift she's sure to cherish, include a recent family photo or dig up an old favorite that has been in a box. For a gift that will make Mom laugh, get your siblings together to recreate a photo from when you were kids and frame the two pictures together.

  7. Kitchen gifts: If your mother is the queen of the kitchen, get her a gift that lets her rule in style. A cookbook with beautiful photographs, a helpful kitchen tool she doesn't have, or a charming apron would help her with her culinary creativity. Maybe she'll even cook up something for you to show her gratitude.

  8. Garden gifts: If your mother's sanctuary is in her garden, put together a gardening gift. Some sturdy hand tools, a seed starter kit, and pair of gardening gloves wrapped all together in a flower pot would make a Mother's Day gift any mom with a green thumb would love.

  9. Gifts for her spirit: If your mother is interested in personal wellness and social causes, give gifts her with a conscience. Fair trade home decor will give her home a sense of peace; look for handmade throw pillows, alabaster candles, and decorative accessories made of recycled materials. She may also appreciate a new yoga mat or natural beauty products.

  10. The gift of shopping: If your mom seems to have everything, a gift card to her favorite retailer or restaurant will allow her to choose something she does need or want. Don't skimp on the presentation: Tie the gift card to a box of chocolates or a pretty bar of soap with ribbon and be sure to include a thoughtful card.

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Updated March 2, 2015