Top 10 Features on a Suunto Watch

Suunto watches can give you accurate information and help you perform better during training. They can also increase your safety during outdoor adventures. Training and outdoor men's Suunto watches are trusted by athletes and adventurers around the world. When you take advantage of all the great functions of a Suunto watch, this remarkable timepiece will actually help you make better decisions, from helping you calculate your physical fitness goals to helping you decide when it's time to vacate a rocky mountainside. Some Suunto watch models will include different features, so carefully check each model for the features you desire. Here is a list of important features in Suunto watches that will help you choose the right timepiece.

Top Suunto Features:


ANT Technology

A wireless networking protocol, ANT technology is featured in several Suunto watches and accessories. ANT technology makes it possible for Suunto accessories, such as heart-rate monitors, to transfer information to your watch. Then the watch uses this information to make calculations and store data.


Auto Altimeter/Barometer

This air-pressure reading switches automatically to measure for altitude or barometric pressure. When you are in motion, as when scaling a mountain, the reading measures your altitude; on the other hand, when you are at rest and your watch is not moving, the reading records barometric pressure.


Depth Meter

A function found in some divers’ watches, including the Suunto Marine series, the depth meter determines the distance to the water’s surface by measuring water pressure.



Some Suunto training watches record Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) to help the trainer evaluate his/her workouts. EPOC refers to the body’s process of consuming oxygen at an elevated rate even after a person stops exercising.



Relying on the satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS), a Suunto watch with GPS access helps you track your path in the wilderness or in the city. If you travel a lot, you’ll want a GPS watch.



The abbreviation for kilocalories is kCal; this function of some Suunto performance packs tracks the number of calories expended during your exercise session.


Sailing Timer

The sailing timer is a countdown timer that features alarms to warn of the time elapsed during a preset period of time. Often, the time period is the countdown to a yacht race.


Storm Alarm

This alarm function records the rapid drops in air pressure that signal a drastic change in the weather and alerts you to quickly changing conditions.



Set this log for your region and it will give you the times for the sunrise and sunset, enabling you to better determine how many hours of daylight you have for your adventure.


Watch and Calendar Functions

Even in an elite outdoor timepiece, the first requirement of a watch is to show you the time. Suunto watches have the timekeeping and calendar functions you’ve always depended on, such as 12/24-hour format, dual time, day and date calendars, and daily alarms.

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