Top 10 Diamond Pendant Styles


Diamond jewelry is always the perfect gift and a fabulous indulgence. A diamond necklace can be the best choice for daily wear, especially if you choose a pendant. They make any outfit sparkly with their brilliant shine and whimsical designs. Whether you prefer something simple and elegant, or you like to show off your personality with unique pendants, there is a style for you. Check out the top ten diamond pendants when you're shopping for necklaces.

Diamond Pendant Styles:

  1. Solitaire: The solitaire is one of the most popular diamond jewelry settings. Diamond necklace pendants featuring a solitaire design are stunning and opulent. Choose from diamond solitaire pendants with round-brilliant, princess-cut, and emerald-cut diamonds.

  2. Stars: Glittering diamond stars first made their appearance in fashion during the indulgent 80s, and diamond star pendants remained popular during the blinged-out 90s and the superstar 2000s. You can add this fun style to your look with star-shaped diamond-covered pendants.

  3. Hearts: Heart jewelry makes a great romantic gift, and diamond heart pendants are a sweet indulgence for any occasion. Choose from large diamond heart pendants covered in diamonds and simple gold heart pendants featuring one lovely stone.

  4. Insects: Diamonds don't have to be formal and up-tight; novelty diamond pendants let you bring a little fun to an outfit. Insect jewelry is becoming very popular for its whimsy, and insect-shaped diamond pendants of any variety are youthful. Try a diamond pendant shaped like a lady bug, a spider, or a butterfly.

  5. Animals: Critter jewelry is whimsical, and an animal diamond pendant personalizes your look in a flash. Choose from diamond pendants shaped like cats, dogs, panda bears, frogs, elephants, and penguins. Animal diamond pendants often incorporate colored diamonds or gemstones to create a realistic animal design.

  6. Religious: Religious jewelry is always a popular standby, and diamond religious pendants are a great way to display your beliefs. Choose a diamond cross, angel, Star of David, Allah symbol, Hamsa, Bible, Celtic knot, pentagram, or any other symbol that is spiritually meaningful to you.

  7. Keys: Skeleton keys were once only considered functional, but today they are incredibly fashionable as well. Key necklace pendants covered in diamonds are retro and contemporary at the same time. Consider buying a unique diamond key pendant, such as one with a crown on top or a pendant featuring multiple mini keys.

  8. Lockets: A locket necklace is a fun piece of jewelry that will easily become a family heirloom. Lockets covered in diamonds combine the romance of the Victorian Era with the opulence of modern times. Consider giving a diamond locket pendant as a special gift.

  9. Peace signs: Peace sign jewelry is as popular now as it was in the 1960s; you can wear peace sign jewelry with almost anything in your closet. A diamond peace sign necklace pendant is luxurious and fun. Try a large diamond peace sign pendant on a long chain or cord.

  10. Tropical: Tropical shapes are perfect for celebrating summer and curing the winter blues. Diamond pendants shaped like palm trees, crabs, starfish, and mermaids are fun to wear with jeans, dresses, and suits. Small diamond tropical pendants also make great charms for charm bracelets and decorating handbags.

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