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Top 10 Decorative Accessories for Your Home



While you can get by with just the main pieces of furniture in your home, it's the decorative accessories that add style, warmth, and texture to your home. If your rooms need a little personality, you can choose pieces that express your interests. If you're not sure how to add style to your home, try starting with these popular pieces. Many of them can be quite functional as well as decorative.

The Top 10 Decor Pieces:

  1. Candles and candle holders: Scented or unscented, candles are timeless and do a lot for the mood of a room, even when they aren't lit. Traditional pillar and jar style candles are an easy addition to a room. For something more interesting, try an intricately designed lantern or a tray filled with tea-light candles and pebbles. Wall sconce candle holders add even more to the ambience.

  2. Throw pillows: Throw pillows soften your seating areas, but they can also add a splash of color to a room filled with neutral furniture. If you like sticking to neutral tones, choose monochromatic pillows with lots of texture. Change out your throw pillows with the seasons for an easy way to refresh the room.

  3. Mirrors: Mirrors are often used to make a room appear bigger, but they can do more. If you consider seating arrangements with your mirror's placement, it can offer a view of a piece of artwork that might otherwise be to the back of your guest. Also, the reflection from a mirror can brighten a dark corner.

  4. Seasonal decor: Adding extra decor to celebrate holidays and the changing of the seasons is a fun way to enliven a room. Seasonal decor can make a space feel cozy and lived-in, whether you're just adding a wreath to your front door or you're going all out with a living room full of seasonal pieces.

  5. Vases: Vases by themselves are works of art, but you can also add flowers, reeds, or branches to them, giving your room a more vertical dimension. Try grouping vases of varying heights together to add depth to a display area.

  6. Fireplaces: You can enjoy the warming glow of an indoor fireplace even if one wasn't built into your home. Hang a wall-mounted fireplace in your bedroom or put a more traditional-looking unit in your family room.

  7. Baskets and bowls: Baskets and bowls go easily into any room of your home and offer not only style but function as well. A bowl of fruit provides brilliant color and promotes healthy snacks for your kids. Baskets also give you a place to store newspapers and magazines or your collection of remote controls instead of letting them clutter your coffee table.

  8. Indoor fountains: The soothing sound of running water can relax away any day's stress. Indoor fountains are also nice to add moisture to the air when you live in a dry climate.

  9. Statues and sculptures: Offering a point of visual interest, statues and sculptures can be conversation starters for guests. Decorative statues also add life to a room.

  10. Decorative screens: Decorative screens can add depth and style to any room. They also serve several practical functions, like breaking up a long room, hiding a closet door, or creating a more intimate area in a large space.

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