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Top 10 Billiard Accessories

by Raechel Conover

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Billiards, or pool, is a game that lends itself to professionals and beginners alike. It can be a leisurely or highly competitive activity. What every billiard table owner needs to know, whether you have a pool table in your recreation room or at your place of work, are what the top 10 billiard accessories are. These billiard accessories can make the game of billiards even more enjoyable for your guests or patrons.

The Top 10 Billiard Accessories:

  1. Billiard table cover: A pool table cover keeps dust and other items off of your billiard table when it is not in use. A billiard table cover prevents damage and extends the life of any billiard table.

  2. Billiard table lighting: In order to see the best shots and get the best play out of your billiard table, your recreation room needs proper pool table lighting. Proper lighting illuminates the game and makes it easier for players to see their balls in order to line up a shot.

  3. Billiard table recovery kit: Use a pool table recovery kit when the felt on your billiard table gets worn out. Some pool table surfaces get holes, become frayed or get dirty. A pool table recovery kit helps you replace the felt. These kits include a new cloth surface, adhesive materials and instructions to replace the cloth cover on your pool table.

  4. Billiard table brush: A pool table brush is used to clean the pool-table cloth. This brush should be used each time before you begin play. A pool table brush helps you keep your pool-table cloth free of debris and dust. By using a pool table brush, you can keep your felt cloth in good condition and prolong its life.

  5. Chalk: Chalk is a basic pool table accessory. Players regularly use chalk to keep the tip of their cue from sliding off of the pool ball during a hit. Always have plenty of chalk on hand.

  6. Billiard racks: In order to rack a new game, you must have billiard racks to go along with your pool table. Keep several different sizes to accommodate several different billiard games that are played, such as eight-ball and nine-ball.

  7. Billiard cue rack: To keep your pool cues out of harm's way when they are not in use, use a pool cue rack. This is great storage item to prevent your cues from being damaged and also prevent players from tripping.

  8. Rule book: Debates are bound to arise in the game of pool. It will benefit you to have a billiard rule book near your table at all times to help settle disputes. While the games you play may be just "friendly," having the rules at hand can help keep them that way.

  9. Pocket marker: A pocket marker identifies the pocket in which a player plans to make a shot. For some pool games, a pocket marker is required.

  10. Table scoring system: Provide some sort of system for keeping score during a pool game. Options come in the form of a tally-ball set or wall-mounted scoreboards. Having a scoring system helps eliminate any chance of poor scorekeeping.

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