Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts

decorative gold mailbox with letters and gifts
Celebrate a new marriage with the perfect wedding gifts for the happy couple. Consider the couple's needs and tastes before you purchase presents, so you can give them the perfect gift that they will enjoy and put to use.

decorative gold mailbox with letters and gifts

Best Wedding Gifts:


Create an oasis:

The backyard is an important family gathering place. Help the new couple set up their backyard with a hammock, patio set, or grill. Gardeners will appreciate a potted plant or high-quality gardening tools.


Soak it up:

Luxurious items for the bathroom make welcome wedding gifts. Items such as towels and teak or bamboo bath mats will turn an ordinary bathroom into a comfortable spa refuge.


Piece it together:

The right decor helps a couple turn their house into a home. Take these gifts a step further by purchasing pieces that are both decorative and useful. A decorative bowl can hold fresh fruit and looks beautiful. Storage trunks hold family heirlooms and add to the atmosphere of traditional decor.


Give to keep giving:

Donate to a charity in the couple’s name. Select a charity that’s close to their hearts and ask the organization for a certificate or other form of acknowledgment to give to the couple.


Cash in:

Help the couple finance important purchases. Contribute sums of money to the down payment for their house, a new car, or moving expenses. These are special wedding gifts the couple will never forget.


Honeymoon help:

Give the couple gift certificates to fancy restaurants, massages, or activities to make their honeymoon more enjoyable. Some couples have a small honeymoon budget, so your contribution will be appreciated.


Snuggle up:

Bed linens are always a good wedding gift. Look up the couple’s registry to find their bed size, preferred colors, and materials.


Watch this:

Give the couple movies, books, or music if you know they love entertainment. A couple who registers for a Blu-ray player may want some Blu-ray movies to play in it. If they both love reading science fiction, but only have paperbacks, purchase a good-quality hardback set of a favorite series. Some couples put entertainment on their wedding registries to ensure they don’t get duplicates, but you can still personalize the gift. For example, pair a music CD with concert tickets.


Plug in:

Fun electronics will enhance the couple’s new life together. Try to find out what they don’t have or where they could use an upgrade. A new digital camera could help them document their honeymoon. A video game console would give them a playful way to spend an at-home date night.


Wine and dine them:

Purchase a few bottles of wine to help your newly married friends build their own collection. Wrap the wine with a set of wine glasses; this gift will make it easier for them to entertain guests or enjoy a bottle together after a long day.

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