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Tips on Wearing Tungsten Jewelry

by Staff Writer

A sleek tungsten bracelet

Industrial metals have arrived on the jewelry scene; tungsten jewelry gives both men and women a variety of stylish options. Tungsten is used in military equipment production, aerospace applications and many other industries. Tungsten combines power with good looks to give you choices in men's and women's jewelry. Versatile tungsten jewelry gives you sleek and minimalistic style in a rugged and durable package. Use these tips to choose the tungsten jewelry that will be right for your lifestyle.

Tungsten Jewelry Tips:

  1. Capitalize on the individuality of tungsten jewelry. Tungsten is a fascinating and fabulous substance. By itself, it is a powder, but when made into jewelry, it is combined with an alloy that binds and shapes it. This process makes tungsten jewelry very hard and durable. Tungsten's durability makes it a great material for men's jewelry and watches, especially men's wedding rings. Women's wedding rings are also available in tungsten.

  2. Find your style. Tungsten metal is very versatile, making it a fantastic choice for many different jewelry styles. Tungsten rings may be simple or elaborate, giving you many options for a wedding band that is perfect for your personal style. Tungsten jewelry can also be engraved with laser engraving machines, and because tungsten is such a hard material, the engravings will last.

  3. Shop for tungsten jewelry thoughtfully. Tungsten jewelry is durable and hard, so it cannot be resized. Stone settings cannot be changed and designs are permanent, so select tungsten jewelry with style aspects that you will enjoy for many years.

  4. Check out women's jewelry. Tungsten is very popular in men's jewelry, but women's tungsten jewelry is also very fashionable. Women who want durable, classy and unique baubles should check out tungsten rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and watches. Women's tungsten jewelry is beautiful, and it is different from the other pieces in your jewelry collection. You might opt for a tungsten diamond engagement ring to match your husband's tungsten wedding band or choose a designer tungsten pendant that is beautiful and strong enough to last forever. Tungsten jewelry has the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free and 100 percent hypoallergenic, so it is a great choice for everyone.

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