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Tips on Wearing Rugby Shirts

by Yu Qing

Men's rugby shirt

Rugby shirts, buttoned jerseys with stiff collars, were made popular by rugby players, but they have become more than sportswear today. Stylish men and women wear rugby shirts to add a sporty edge to their outfits. Look for women's shirts and men's casual shirts to find the rugby style that suits you best.

Women's Rugby Shirts:

  1. Pair a women's rugby shirt with cropped pants. Fitted cropped pants in denim or a neutral complementary color, such as black, navy blue, brown and khaki, look great with rugby shirts. Wear flats, gladiator sandals or wedge sandals to give the look a more feminine touch. Be sure to find slim-fitting women's shirts so that your outfit isn't too sporty.

  2. Wear a rugby shirt with a casual skirt. Skirts made from cotton, linen and denim look great dressed down with a striped rugby shirt. Add a jean jacket to contrast with a white or neutral-colored skirt and wear sporty shoes or flats for a funky look. Pair these women's shirts with a simple cardigan to change up the look.

  3. Put a vest over your rugby shirt. Seek inspiration from sleek menswear by wearing your rugby with a vest and a pair of jeans. The key to keeping the outfit feminine is to wear dark, form-fitting jeans. Select a women's vest that emphasizes your waistline. The colors of each piece of women's clothing should match well. If your rugby is in a bright color, wear a neutral-colored women's vest and jeans.

Men's Rugby Shirts:

  1. Wear a rugby shirt beneath a sweater. Upgrade the men's rugby shirt by creating a dressier outfit. Find a V-neck or crew-neck sweater that will not look bulky with a men's shirt underneath. The layering makes this outfit the perfect men's clothing for colder temperatures. Be careful with the colors, however. Men's shirts, especially rugby shirts, tend to be bright; find a neutral sweater that can play down the sporty vibe.

  2. Put on a rugby shirt with a pair of jeans for a weekend look. You can also throw a hoodie or jacket over the men's rugby shirt or swap the jeans for a pair of khaki or denim shorts to stay cooler during the summer. A baseball cap or beanie finishes off the look.

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