Tips on Wearing Bangle Bracelets

Tips on Wearing Bangle Bracelets

Bangle on wrist
Bangle bracelets are a popular jewelry item and a quick way to spice up an outfit. They are often inexpensive and are easily paired with other bangles to create a slightly bohemian flavor or worn alone for a more modern, sleek look. Bangles come in many shapes, sizes and colors, with designs and materials that fit every category of fashion. They also come in many different materials, including silver, gold, acrylic and stainless steel. There's a bangle bracelet for every occasion, and they're very simple to wear stylishly.
Bangle on wrist

Wearing Bangle Bracelets:


Avoid Wearing Too Many

Bangle bracelets are often sold in multiples at very low prices. Because of this, it can be tempting to purchase many and pile them on. Remember, as with all other accessories, moderation is important. Too many bangles take away from each piece’s unique design and charm. Put on the ones you like, and then take one or two off before you leave the house. If you like wearing a lot of other jewelry items, then consider keeping the bangles even more minimal to avoid overpowering the rest of your outfit.


Mix up Designs, Colors and Textiles

Homogeneity is to be avoided when wearing bangles. These bracelets are an excellent opportunity to combine colors and designs for a unique look, so don’t go for perfect uniformity. However, try to stay in a common color family and temperature for best results. Cooler tones like silver and pale pastels look best with like colors, while gold looks great with red and deep jewel tones.


Keep Size in Mind

Bangles come in many different widths. Some bangles are smaller than others and can become lost if layered with larger bracelets. Of course, some bangles are so large that they should only be worn on their own. Before putting on bangle bracelets, take a moment to size them up. To speed up your dressing process, consider grouping your bangles in sets according to width.


Wear Suitable Bangles for the Occasion

As with all fashion choices, careful consideration should be given to the setting and time of day when selecting bangle bracelets. A board meeting isn’t an appropriate venue for a bunch of clanking aluminum bangles; similarly, a family barbecue isn’t the right place for diamond-studded jewelry. Bangles are offered in a wide range of styles to suit practically any event, so select them carefully and group them accordingly.


Be Careful of Fit

Bangle bracelets can pose problems when it comes to sizing, due to all of our unique wrists. Bangles need to be large enough to slip over the hand but not so large that they are always falling off. If you are worried about fit, you should measure the hand at the widest point and order a bracelet with a diameter that is just right to slip over your wrist. If you have trouble finding a bracelet that fits, particularly if your wrists are larger than average, then you might consider shopping for bangle bracelets with cuff openings or hinged clasps.