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Tips on Using Fans

by Christina Wright

Retro fan on old-fashioned suitcases next to globe

Indoor climate control is important wherever you live, and fans can help you maintain the optimum temperature in your home or office. There are many types of fans available, so be sure to pick the best one for you. To keep your home or office cool and your fan working properly, follow these tips on using and caring for your fans.

Tips on Using Fans:

  1. Clean it regularly: Continuous operation leads to dirt and grime collecting on the blades. While this means your fan is cleaning the air as well as cooling it, the collected grime is unsightly and can eventually slow the blades. Fan blades will also pick up grease if used in or near a kitchen and yellow smoke tar near smokers. To keep your fan looking good and working properly, you should clean it regularly. You may need to remove the fan housing to access the blades for cleaning. First, unplug the fan from its power outlet; second, use water, window cleaner or diluted dish detergent and paper towels to clean the blades. If you use detergent, remember to use a second paper towel wetted with water to remove any remaining detergent. Consider running your newly cleaned fan outside or pointing it toward a window to blow out any fumes from your cleaning solution before using it inside again.

  2. Place it high or in a corner: Where you place your fan can have a big effect on how cool it makes the room. If you have a small fan, place it high in the room, like on top of a bookcase, mantel or dresser. Hot air rises, so a high fan cools and recirculates that air; fans high in the room also push the warm, moist air near your body away from you and replace it with cool, dry air, which is also how ceiling fans work. If you have a large stand, pedestal or tower fan, place it in a corner. Not only is the fan less likely to be in your way in a corner, but its air flow will almost always point to the center of the room, which is good for circulation of the air.

  3. Turn it off: Moving air always feels cool to the skin, but fans don't actually cool the air like an air conditioner does; they only push it around and recirculate it. This means that if you are not in a room to feel the moving air, the fan isn't benefiting anyone. Turn off the fan when no one is using the room. This will maintain the life of your fan and reduce energy costs.

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