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Tips on Teething Pain Relief

by April Sanders

Baby chewing a teething ring

Seeing your baby in pain can be heartbreaking, and teething is painful for most babies. While some babies hardly shed a tear when those pearly whites show up, most do suffer some amount of discomfort. When babies begin teething, the gums become very sensitive. Not only is teething uncomfortable for your baby, but the pain caused by infant teething can interrupt sleep schedules and interfere with eating, making teething woes even worse. Luckily, there are some things you can do to bring your child relief from baby teething pain. Read on to learn about the best methods for relieving teething pain.

Teething Pain Relief:

  1. Cold relief: Cool items can help relieve baby teething pain and numb gums by decreasing inflammation and numbing the sore tissue. Baby teething products that are meant to go in the freezer or refrigerator are safe and easy for your baby to chew on. Choose an infant teething ring that is made to be frozen over and over. You can also dip a clean washrag in juice and freeze it or give your child a small frozen treat for baby teething relief. Avoid giving your baby anything that will become a choking hazard once it has defrosted.

  2. Pressure relief: Applying pressure to your baby's gums can also help relieve the pain. Many teething babies will even learn to apply pressure with their own fingers. Pressure and massage can help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation and teething pain. Spend some time massaging your baby's sore gums or give him something firm to chew on, such as a pacifier or a teething toy, which can promote baby teething relief.

  3. Gels and tablets: You can choose from a variety of teething gels and tablets that are designed to relieve teething pain. Gel products can be rubbed directly onto the gums, and tablets can be dissolved under baby's tongue. These products are usually made to numb the gums, which can relieve teething pain quite quickly. Check teething relief gels and tablets carefully for age restrictions and proper usage, and don't hesitate to consult your child's pediatrician before using any teething products.

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