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Tips on Shopping a Patio Furniture Clearance Sale

Tips on Shopping a Patio Furniture Clearance Sale

Brown wicker patio set
Patio furniture clearance sales typically occur at the end of the season. Patio furniture clearance sales are also common when outdoor furniture manufacturers create new products and styles. All varieties of patio furniture are often offered at clearance sales. Patio furniture clearance sales are the perfect time to purchase entire sets of patio furniture for the price of a few chairs or a single table.
Brown wicker patio set

Shopping Clearance Sales:


Shop Seasonal Clearance

If you like a specific style or color, consider waiting for seasonal clearance sales. The first clearance sales begin near the end of summer. If the prices still aren’t satisfactory, wait until mid-fall. Prices begin to drop further as stores try to deplete their inventory for other furniture and items. Seasonal patio furniture sales include entire sets, tables, swings, table umbrellas and all types of outdoor chairs and cushions. Shop for outdoor furniture that you wish to use the next spring or summer. The earlier you shop, the more likely you are to find the exact patio furniture you want. As prices fall, there is a larger chance that the items you want may be purchased by someone else.


Look at Discontinued Styles

Discontinued patio furniture is offered much cheaper than other patio furniture. This is done to clear out space for new models and styles of patio furniture. The most important thing to remember about discontinued patio furniture is to purchase entire sets or pieces that can be easily matched to other patio furniture sets. Finding exact color and style matches may be difficult with discontinued patio furniture.


Note Return Policies

Pay close attention to a store’s return policy when purchasing any clearance patio furniture. Some clearance patio furniture may not be included in a store’s return policy, or the return period may be shorter than with non-clearance furniture. If the return policy isn’t clear, call or email someone in the customer service department.


Note Warranties

Many pieces of patio furniture come with unlimited and limited warranties. With clearance patio furniture, these warranties may be limited or nonexistent. If there is pre-existing damage or missing pieces, this may not be covered under the limited warranty provided with clearance merchandise. This is yet another reason to check the patio furniture carefully before purchasing it.