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Tips on Selecting a Computer Chair

by Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Ergonomic office chair

Look and brand name are important, but when selecting a computer chair, or any office chair or desk chair, appearance should not be your first priority; the most important aspects to consider when choosing an office chair are comfort and durability. If you have an office job or spend long periods of time at your computer each day, then it's important to have proper computer chair to ensure a productive work session. Take a look below for some tips on selecting a computer chair.

Selecting a Computer Chair:

  1. Adjustable height option: A computer office chair needs to be in proper alignment with your computer desk. When you look at your computer monitor, you should be able to look directly at it. Everybody has different heights, and not all computer desks are the same size either, which means a good desk chair will allow you to adjust its height.

  2. Comfortable cushioning: Comfortable cushioning is a must when selecting a computer office chair. If you will be spending a lot of time at your computer desk, you want something that will be soft and comfortable. Cushions filled with foam are an excellent option because the high-density foam adds extra comfort. Low-density cushions tend to build up heat after time, which can make computer time at your desk less comfortable.

  3. Arm rests: Arm rests are important for proper body posture in your office chair. Arm rests also provide support while you are sitting as well; they can help reduce strain when you are typing or using the mouse. However, if you have a job that has you scooting across the office to the printer or shredder, you may want a computer desk chair that doesn't have armrests so that your movement won't obstructed.

  4. Seat size: The seat of your computer chair shouldn't be too large or too small. Properly sized seats aid proper posture and help you stay comfortable longer. While most computer seats fit most people, if you are larger or smaller than average, look for a computer desk chair that suits your size.

  5. Chair-tilting option: An office chair that's able to tilt can increase your comfort when sitting. The option to tilt your chair will decrease your chance of developing neck and back pain when you are seated at your computer desk.

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