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Tips on Planning a Honeymoon

by Lindsay Law

Newlyweds on their honeymoon walking on the beach

You're already planning an incredible wedding, so why not make your honeymoon the stuff that dreams are made of? Whether you want an exotic honeymoon on a tropical beach or you'd like to spend your first days of married life in a mountain cabin, we've provided destination suggestions, hotel and transportation ideas, fun activities and travel accessories to make your wedding vacation bliss. Read on for tips on planning a honeymoon.

Great Honeymoon Ideas:

  1. The early bird gets the worm. Look at possible honeymoon destinations months before your wedding so you can find the perfect spot and score deals, too. When you look for honeymoon deals early, you can often find honeymoon packages that include airfare, transportation and lodging.

  2. Narrow down possible choices. Make a list of pros and cons about the various honeymoon destinations you like and begin to make a decision. Consider the season in which you'll be getting married and how much time you'll have. Romantic honeymoons on the beach won't be nearly as fun during a rainy season, and a honeymoon vacation to a mountain cabin during the winter may not be the best idea, either.

  3. Decide on a spot and book tickets. Once you've picked honeymoon suites or figured out a honeymoon vacation that fits your budget and the season, it's time to purchase tickets, reserve honeymoon hotels and plan transportation costs. Romantic honeymoons are even more special when most of the major details are planned and you don't have to worry about last-minute costs.

  4. Plan activities and short trips for the honeymoon. Once you have your honeymoon suites and honeymoon hotels in the bag, you'll want to plan other activities, too. A couples' massage could be fun, as could horseback riding, scuba diving, hiking or just sight-seeing. Check out local attractions when booking honeymoon packages and be sure to figure out how much car rentals or local transportation cost, too. Some resorts may offer honeymoon deals, too.

  5. Pack your bags. To ensure the best honeymoon, be sure to pack the right clothing, accessories and gear for your destination. Make sure you have a passport or that it is current if you'll be traveling out of the country. Don't forget to pack a digital camera or video camera so you can shoot incredible pictures while you're there. Getting proper vaccinations and medications is also important if you're traveling to certain regions, such as Africa or Central America. Create the best honeymoon for both of you by setting aside a bit of extra cash for souvenirs and special mementos.

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