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Tips on Placing Your Outdoor Speakers

by Paul Sanders

Garden patio with outdoor speakers installed

With a nice backyard, you can create a beautiful area for hosting and entertaining guests. One way to add atmosphere to your backyard retreat is to pipe in high-quality music with indoor/outdoor speakers. You can use conventional or wireless speakers to distribute great audio evenly over you patio, garden or pool. You may want to select your outdoor speakers with certain placement ideas in mind. So, here are some tips for placing stereo speakers to add some life to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Speaker Placement:

  1. Consider how exposed the speakers may be. Unless your outdoor speakers are rated to withstand extreme temperature and moisture, you may want to install each speaker in a more protected area, such as under eaves or overhangs. If you don't have great options for placing outdoor speakers, you can choose waterproof speakers that will stand up to the elements.

  2. Place speakers at or above eye-level. The higher the speakers are, the further the sound will travel. You can also avoid placing your outdoor speakers behind sound-obstructing objects like furniture and plants. Placing speakers more than 10 feet high can cause your audio quality to seem weak and tinny, however.

  3. Place the speakers a bit apart. Place your outdoor speakers around the listening area, pointing inward, about 10 feet away from one another. You can experiment with the distance of your speakers from the listening area, but 10 to 15 feet is a good rule-of-thumb.

  4. Alternate speaker channels. If you're using more than two outdoor speakers on one exterior wall, be sure to mix the left and right channels. That way, you'll get the stereo effect evenly distributed throughout the listening area. Place left channel speakers in opposite corners from one another, likewise with right channel.

  5. Don't boost the volume. It may be better to add more speakers than to boost the volume to provide adequate sound cover. Your outdoor speakers don't have the benefit of walls to reverberate and help even out sound levels. So, if you're not getting the sound coverage you want, you may want to add some outdoor speakers in areas with weak levels.

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