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Tips on Organizing Your Kids' Closet Storage

by Julie Hampton

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Kid's closets are usually full of clothes, toys, blankets and more. Good closet storage and storage organization allows for a structured and orderly environment, especially useful for hectic school mornings. Organize your child's closet space by starting with a clean, empty closet and sorting items into a closet storage system. Involve your child in the project to teach organization and sorting skills. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the closet storage in your child's closet.

Organizing Kids' Closet Storage:

  1. Remove all items from the closet before you start organizing. Build your storage organization strategy on a blank slate. Take everything out of the closet and sort it into piles.

  2. Put away seasonal items. Winter clothes, coats, seasonal toys and other items take up a lot of closet storage space. Boost your storage organization by packing these items away until you need them. A great storage organization tool is vacuum-sealable storage bags that protect against dust, mildew and odors. Remember to label each bag with all contents for easy identification and place them in long-term storage until they're needed.

  3. Hang a vertical closet organizer. Many organizers have pre-labeled storage compartments designating different days. Place daily outfits, including pants, shirts, socks and even belts, into each closet storage compartment of the closet organizer to simplify the morning rush to get ready. This type of storage organization keeps things off the floor and maximizes vertical space.

  4. Organize the closet storage for the wardrobe. Place clothing on small, colorful hangers made for small-sized clothing. Small hangers are a more compact storage organization tool than full-sized adult hangers. Divide clothing into categories such as T-shirts, pants, dresses and other clothing. Consider using velvet hangers, as they prevent slippage and keep clothing off the floor. Use a hanging organizer as closet storage for items such as hair accessories, hats, belts and socks.

  5. Label your closet storage areas. Brightly colored labels can help kids do their own storage organization.

  6. Designate an area for shoes. Shoes are a big storage challenge. Place a shoe organizer on the back of a closet door or use an organizer that rests on the floor. A floor organizer can also hold small plastic containers, baskets and other closet storage containers.

  7. Incorporate wicker baskets and plastic containers for additional storage space. Remember to label all containers and keep things sorted into simple categories. Baskets and plastic closet storage bins are sharp and stylish storage organization solutions.

  8. Lower the clothing bar. Kids can have trouble reaching high clothing bars. You might consider remounting the bars to within their reach. Alternately, you can place a stable step stool in the closet if your children are old enough to use one.

  9. Closet safety. Avoid placing heavy closet storage bins on high closet shelves. These heavy items can shift and fall, leading to serious injury to curious kids trying to pull items down.

  10. Reorganize often. Your kids will keep on growing. They grow out of clothes, toys and just about everything else. Taking time to reorganize will help you take out items that aren't used anymore and maximize closet storage. A clean closet can help lead to a clean room.

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