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Tips on Organizing an Armoire

by Craig Blake

An organized armoire showing off

When you need a little extra storage space for jewelry, clothing or even your computer or home entertainment system, an armoire is a cure-all for nearly every room in your home. With so much additional storage space, figuring out how to organize your armoire is a must. Obviously, the type of armoire you have will dictate your organizing techniques. After all, if you are stashing a stack of DVDs in your jewelry armoire or hanging a dress in your computer armoire, then you have bigger organizational problems. Here are a few tips on how to best organize some of the most popular types of armoires.

Organizing an Armoire

  1. Wardrobe armoire: Most bedroom armoires come with a dresser for hanging clothes at the top and a few drawers down below. If your wardrobe armoire has a dresser for hanging clothes, the first step is not to overload it. Packing a dresser full not only looks like a mess; it makes it nearly impossible to pick out what clothes you want, eliminating the purpose of hanging clothes in the first place. If the dresser of your bedroom armoire is too packed, try removing unnecessary items. Only hang essentials, like a dress, dress shirts or suits. If you have more room, hang a few more clothes you wear often. Place folded clothing in drawers. When you place your clothes, make sure they are flat. Whatever you do, don't pack your wardrobe armoire beyond capacity. Forcing too much inside drawers can damage the armoire's

  2. Jewelry armoire: Organizing a jewelry armoire shouldn't be too difficult considering they are designed with a pretty clear idea of where to put certain types of jewelry. The main jewelry armoire hazard is clutter. Make sure to store the right types of jewelry in the designated areas. In the drawers of your armoire, make each drawer the designated storage place for a specific piece of jewelry. For example, store brooches in the top drawer and rings in the second drawer. Not only will it look better; it will make it much easier to find the jewelry you're looking for in your armoire.

  3. Computer armoire: Computer armoires generally have a few slots for CDs and a couple drawers or cupboards. If you have a lot of software CDs stacked on your armoire, consider tossing the jewel cases and storing all the discs in a compact, zippered CD holder. By eliminating the bulky jewel cases, you can store your whole software collection in the same space on your computer armoire that you used to store three or four discs.

  4. TV armoire: Just like with computer armoires, you can save a lot of space in TV armoires by consolidating your DVD collection into one zippered CD case. You can find cases that will store hundreds of DVDs in a fraction of the space it would take to line up each individual DVD case on the armoire shelves. This way you can avoid DVD overload, with stacks lying around and on top of every surface of the armoire. If you like the look of a row of individual DVD cases, clear space by taking speakers off the shelves and placing them on either side of TV armoires.

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