Tips on Necklace Lengths

Tips on Necklace Lengths

Tips on Necklace Lengths
Buying a necklace is a stylish investment that adds the finishing touch to an outfit, making you feel put-together and confident. Choosing the right necklace length is critical for maintaining a fashionable look. Take into consideration your neck size, your height, and the neckline of your clothing for fashion-savvy choices. Display a favorite pendant or charm in just the right spot to draw the eye, or use necklace length to accentuate your best feature. Be a trendsetter, and change up the look by adding a clasp to extend fashion necklaces to the perfect length.
Tips on Necklace Lengths

Determine Neck Size

Measure your neck, and keep comfort in mind before purchasing shorter necklaces. Ten- to 14-inch necklaces wrap very closely around most necks. For larger neck sizes, choose a 16-inch necklace for a looser fit. Pick an 18-inch necklace that just touches the collar bone for maximum comfort while still enjoying the appearance of a shorter length.

Showcase a Pendant or Charm

Dress up chain necklaces by selecting one that’s just the right length for displaying a favorite pendant or charm. Twenty- to 24-inch necklaces rest just at the top of most necklines and give the pendant a chance to stand out against a shirt or blouse in a contrasting color. Larger charms work best on 30- or 36-inch necklaces that hang just below the bosom.

Balance Necklace Length with Height

Keep your height and necklace length in proportion. Long necklaces suit a taller frame, while more petite frames benefit from shorter lengths. If you have a statuesque figure, pick from 36-inch chain necklaces that swing as you walk and balance out a longer torso. Choose a shorter 24-inch chain to create the same impression on a petite frame. Use a necklace length guide for a visual comparison of where each length falls on an average-sized frame, and adjust the length you choose according to your height.

Accentuate Your Favorite Feature

Draw attention to your best feature with a statement necklace. Maximize the full-figured look by choosing a 24- to 30-inch necklace that falls just above or on the bust line. Fill out a thinner figure by choosing a 36-inch-long swinging pearl necklace that can wrap around the neck more than once for variety. Frame a heart-shaped face with a choker, or elongate a round face with long statement necklaces that draw the eye downward.

Complement the Neckline of Clothing

Select a fashion necklace falling just above the collar bone to peek through the opening of a V-neck dress shirt or sweetheart neckline. Let a choker take center stage when wearing a dress with bare shoulders and a deep neckline, or pick a necklace that’s a little longer to fill in the bare space. Compromise with a mid-length necklace when wearing a turtleneck, or go all-out with a long necklace attached to a pendant or charm. Let the pendant or charm peep over the edge of a crew neck by choosing an 18-inch necklace.

Change Up the Look

Give a rarely worn short necklace new life with a necklace extender, or make the necklace easier to fasten by exchanging the clasp for a different type. Jewelry-making tools let you modify a necklace’s design to create the perfect fashion accessory. Convenient extender sets give you a variety of length options. Add beads and charms for extra detail.