Tips on Finding the Best Toys for Your Child


No matter your child's age or interests, there's a toy that is perfect for him. If you're shopping online for the best toys, you'll want to consider a few things before you make your choice. Not only will his eyes light up when he unwraps his perfect birthday gift or Christmas present, but he'll also use it for a long time.

How to Buy the Best Toys:

  1. Consider their interests: Does she prefer dolls or art supplies? Does he enjoy toys that are collectible, like trading cards or action figures? Consider buying items that are similar to his or her current favorite toy. Buy a couple of additional action figures that will complete his set. If your son or daughter enjoys building blocks, then look for an expansion pack that would complement the blocks they already own. One great way to choose holiday gifts is to consider your child's Halloween costume: Whatever he was passionate about dressing up as, he'd probably like the toys that are related.

  2. Read the age recommendations: Older children can handle toys and hobbies with small or removable pieces, but those same pieces might be a danger for younger children. Likewise, a sophisticated electronic game might be perfect for your older children but would cause frustration for younger players. An older child might not like to play with soft and cuddly stuffed animals anymore while his or her younger siblings will love them.

  3. Think about their favorite activities: Considering what your sons and daughters like to do in their spare time will help you narrow down the type of toys they might like to own. When given a choice, does your son or daughter enjoy playing indoors or outdoors? If your son or daughter enjoys playing outdoor sports, then basketballs, baseballs, or bikes would be good choices. They may also enjoy remote control helicopters or cars. More introverted children tend to prefer toys they can play with indoors by themselves or just with one or two friends. Some examples of indoor toys would include electronic games, board games, puzzles, and models.

  4. Make sure they have variety: Although they may prefer one type of toy, it's a good idea to make sure your children have toys that let them play in different ways. They may need some toys that can be shared with friends when they come over, like simple board games. They may have a huge library of books, but do they have toys that will help give them some exercise? They may need roller skates or a bicycle. Make sure they also have toys that inspire their imaginations. Dress-up costumes are excellent to have around. Pretend play sets will also get imaginations going; play kitchens and pretend food are especially popular with young children.

  5. Ask them: Sometimes just asking them is the best way of finding out the best toy to give them. They're sure to have a few ideas about appeals to them. If you want to keep the gift a secret, ask about things that interest them in general or what types of toys their friends are into. They'll love talking about the topic, and they may never guess you're actually getting gift ideas.

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