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Tips on Finding a Cheap LCD TV

by Paul Sanders

Cheap LCD TV in a wooden entertainment center

Shopping smart for entertainment electronics, like a cheap LCD TV, is partly about knowing what features to look for and partly about what you want to get out of your entertainment system. LCD TVs are a competitive industry, and you can save big if you know what features you need. Here are some tips on finding a cheap LCD TV for your entertainment system.

Buying a Cheap LCD TV:

  1. Get a specific LCD TV for your system. You can save a lot on a cheap LCD TV if you sacrifice features that have little to do with what you'll be watching. If you're primarily a TV show watcher, you can do without advanced picture quality; many broadcasts aren't yet shown in full high-definition. Also, higher refresh rates aren't really necessary outside of video games and fast-action movie scenes. The main point here is that even cheap LCD TVs without the latest, cutting-edge features will still give you great entertainment.

  2. Forgo the special video processing. There's a lot of debate surrounding the latest video processing that manufacturers are including in HDTVs. They can sharpen images and help reduce motion-blur, but you'll have to be the judge of whether it's worth the price difference between an advanced LCD television and a cheap LCD TV.

  3. Choose 720p rather than 1080p. One feature that can give you a significant price break is LCD TV screen-resolution. The 1080p broadcasts and movies provide a high level of detail, but 720p still gives you a great picture, especially on TVs smaller than 40 inches. A cheap LCD TV with 720p resolution will probably be steeply discounted.

  4. Look for refurbished TVs. A refurbished TV may have been used as a demo model or returned soon after purchase, and then factory-reconditioned before resale. By looking for refurbished models, you can find cheap LCD TVs packed with features that you wouldn't otherwise get for that price.


  1. You're not always sacrificing quality when you find a cheap LCD TV. Sometimes, it's just about finding a great LCD TV for sale at the right time. Check for specifications, like contrast ratio, refresh rate and connection ports, on cheap LCD TVs and you'll know if you've found a great deal.

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