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Tips on Different Types of Bracelet Clasps

by Staff Writer

A pretty pearl bracelet with a decorative box clasp

The wear and tear on bracelets is often greater than on other jewelry pieces, due to the constant movement of hands, and bracelets need sturdy clasps to keep them in place. Different jewelry clasps have their pros and cons and will appeal to a variety of people. Some bracelet clasps are easier to use, while others hold more securely. When you are shopping for bracelets, it is important to know how each clasp type works to decide whether or not the jewelry is right for you. Use these tips to choose the best jewelry clasps for your collection.

Bracelet Clasps Defined:

  1. Box clasp: Also called a pressure clasp, the tongue-and-groove construction forms a cube-shaped closure. This is one of the most secure bracelet clasps and can usually be fastened and unfastened with just one hand.

  2. Hook: The simple hook is easy to fasten but is less secure than other clasps. This bracelet clasp uses a tension hook and a ring. The hook clasp is very attractive, especially on simple bracelets.

  3. Lobster claw: This fastener fits a round ring into an oval clasp. Many people find the lobster-claw clasp easier to use than the spring ring. The lobster-claw clasp is commonly found on necklaces.

  4. Spring: This clasp features a round tube with a handle attached to a spring. The pressure of the spring keeps the clasp from opening by accident. The spring-ring bracelet clasp is very secure, but it is not as easy to use as the toggle clasp and the box clasp.

  5. Toggle: This clasp has a bar that fits through a ring. It is decorative as well as utilitarian, and many toggle clasps are covered in gemstones and gold to add style to the bracelet. Toggle clasps are among the easiest to use and can quickly be fastened with just one hand.

  6. Extender: This short utility chain attaches to a clasp to increase the bracelet length. Extender clasps usually match the style of the bracelet to give the jewelry a seamless appearance. Extender clasps are also commonly found on anklets. Box clasps often are set in extender pieces.

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