Tips on Decorating with Window Valances

Tips on Decorating with Window Valances

For hundreds of years, window valances have been a dignified and classic way to bring a strong sense of style into an entire room. Window valances can quickly set the mood in a room and turn the window space into a framed work of art. When it comes to curtains and window treatments, you can almost do no wrong. Still, using window drapes to convey a style can be especially striking. Whether you are going for chic and modern window treatments or dignified and traditional window valances, here are a few window treatment ideas to help you on your road to window valance success.

Decorating with Window Valances:


Stripes are Just Right

If you have a pattern or design that runs horizontally on the wall above your window, get custom window treatments in an accenting color that closes in folds when pushed to the side. This will create the illusion of vertical stripes in your window valances that will add some layering to your room and make your wall stand out.


Match Your Kitchen

Chances are you will have blinds over the windows in your kitchen that you can open or close. Window valances can fit right over the blinds and help guide eyes toward the windows while accenting the rest of the room. If your blinds are white, get kitchen window treatments that are transparent with frames on the sides and bottom that match the countertops and cabinets. If your blinds are another color, like brown, choose kitchen window treatments that will accent the color and material of the blinds.


Emphasize Large Windows

If you have a large, single window in a living room or lounge, you are very lucky. Large windows give a room a refreshing openness that can be enhanced with large window valances. Try large curtains and window treatments with a solid color to make the wall paint pop. The window drapes can wrap around a curtain rod over the window and drape down on either side of the window. Consider having one side of the window draperies hang lower than one side for added layering and having the creased window valance hang down slightly at the top. Often you’ll need custom curtains to fit an oversized window.