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Tips on Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

by Katy Lindamood

Glass shower in modern bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places in the home to keep clean. Cleaning a glass shower door might seem like a daunting chore, but it's an easier task than you might think. It will take some elbow grease to tackle the glass if it hasn't been cleaned in a while, but once it's sparkling, you'll be motivated to keep it that way. Below, you'll learn some tips on cleaning glass shower doors.

Cleaning Shower Doors:

  1. Clean frequently: To keep your glass shower door looking great month after month, you need to stay on top of the residue that builds up with each use. Soap scum is especially visible on glass shower doors. Mold and mildew can grow in the corners, making showers an unhealthy environment. A quick cleaning every day will help to keep soap scum buildup to a minimum and keep your shower glass looking crystal clear. Heavier cleaning should be done at least once a week to kill any mold or mildew that may be built up and to clear up any hard-to-remove residue.

  2. Invest in a squeegee: A squeegee is a great tool to have at your disposal when cleaning a glass shower door. Small handheld squeegees are relatively inexpensive and can be stored near showers for easy access. Following use of the shower, remove any residual water from the door with the squeegee while the area is still wet. This will cut down on your cleaning time and make it much easier when you do a deep cleaning.

  3. Look for environmentally friendly options: Rather than cleaning surfaces with glass cleaner, consider using a solution of vinegar and water along with a microfiber cloth to clean your glass door. White vinegar is a versatile cleaning agent, safe for use on most hard surfaces. A microfiber cloth will reduce streaks and residue left behind by some cleaners. You may also consider liberally spraying the glass with vinegar and using a squeegee to remove any excess.

  4. Use a handheld steam cleaner: If it has been a while since you cleaned your shower door, use a handheld steam cleaner to remove soap scum. Steam cleaners don't require any additional cleaners and are easy to use. Some come with squeegee attachments that will make the process go more quickly. Steam cleaning will also remove dirt and grime buildup around the faucet handles and around the drain.

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