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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Coleman Lantern

by Craig Blake

Camping by Coleman lantern light

Make sure your camping trip doesn't go down with the sun by having the right Coleman lantern. Camping is such a popular activity that camping gear is constantly striving to reach new demands. Whether you are hiking at high altitudes, building snow caves or pitching a tent in a groomed campground you are going to need a Coleman lantern. Just like camping trips come in many varieties, Coleman lanterns come in different types to meet every demand. Here are a few tips on picking the right Coleman lantern for your camping trip.

Choosing the Perfect Coleman Lantern:

  1. Fuel is the key: Coleman lanterns are made to operate on a number of different fuels. Some fuels, such as Coleman fuel, also known as white gas, works well in very cold temperatures and high altitudes. Others, like propane, are easy to use and widely available. There are fuels with refillable and recyclable canisters, while other canisters can only be used once and are not recyclable. Some work well in cold weather, while others will struggle or become useless in below-freezing or below-zero temperatures. Some Coleman lanterns even run on batteries. Whether you are leaning toward a kerosene lantern, propane lantern, battery lantern, or any other type of Coleman lantern, make sure you pick one that will run on fuel that is best for your situation. Check out the capabilities of different lantern fuels before making your selections.

  2. Consider shape and size: Traditional lanterns are large with long glass or plastic panes over the light source. This lantern type works perfectly for most camping situations, but it will be too large and bulky for a backpacking trip. If you need a Coleman lantern that can fit in your pack, make sure to look for a smaller model. Large handles and bases can be useful for some camping situations but a hindrance if you value compactness and low weight.

  3. Check for other features: Some Coleman lanterns are collapsible, making them perfect for backpacking trips. Instead of trying to jam a large lantern into your pack, you can easily slide a collapsible lantern into a pocket or hook it to a tight strap. Some other Coleman lanterns have a flashlight attached. Make sure to check for extra features before you purchase your Coleman lantern. You never know what might be available.

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